27 May 2013

Everett's Birthday Party

Awwwww! He is two. Break my heart! Stop growing like weeds you Call children. Everett is one funny guy. He is half boy, half bossy cow. He loves to count 1-2-4-7-8 when Phillip gets in trouble. His newest phrase is "Come back here! or Come here!" with his index finger curling and uncurling. He can identify and say about 80% of the alphabet and numbers correctly. Smart kid. He can bring out the Man Diva at any moment with a full on tantrum. Course I ignore him when he goes all nut-so but still it cracks me up. He absolutely loves his monkey and kitty binkies. When he gets cranky I dump him in his crib for some binky loves. He lays down and snuggles in his Kermit the Frog blanket clutching his binkies. Sort of sad and cute at the same time. He wants to do everything by himself, if he can't accomplish whatever he tries he asks for help. At two he loves to drink milk, out eat all his siblings, and will do just about anything for a lollipop. Everett loves to read books. He loves playing the iPad, especially the Endless Alphabet game. Most of the time he is a pretty jolly kid. Lately, Phillip and Everett started to pal around. Phillip is good at showing Everett the ropes of being a boy. Phillip will demonstrate some form of boyhood and Everett will copy (ie. pounding a toy on the table and yelling like Tarzan). Everett is constantly talking, I can only understand the first and last words sounding like this: "Mommy, blahblahblah Van!"

For his party two of his nursery friends came over with their families. He loves Dani Smuin and RJ Wood. They will be great friends over the years. The kids loved the big tethered balloons. Everett went beserko with his, popping about 4 balloons. We had a simple BBQ meal with hot dogs, burgers, potato salad, baked beans, and punch. We got Everett a water and sand table, a fire truck tunnel, and a tee-ball set. He was very excited about all three gifts. Dani got him a fun book and a party blower. RJ got him a ball and bubbles. All around he was very happy with everything....until Phillip started beating him with the tee ball bat. Har-de-har. We love our cute, firecracker little boy.  

Everett is TWO


Start of the Season

We wimped out on camping AGAIN...for the 5th year in a row. The idea is awesome but the preparations are a beast. We WILL go camping before the new baby comes. I will probably have to do all the preparations and packing. Deep breath...

Soooooo, we went to Bridgeport Lake instead. It was a nice kick start to the swimming season. The lake water was cold/icy but the kids did not care. They all got wet up to their necks and sandy to their hair. The beach was rockin' and rollin'. Some dude decided to play music with a steady bass beat and no other decipherable music. I wanted to zap his music. We played until the boy's diapers busted out the back. It was very relaxing. The Haley family passed us on their way in and us on the way out. Darn it! The kids all took a snooze on the drive home. Our Bountiful Basket was great this week with apricots, pineapple, cantaloupe, lettuce, corn, tomatoes, and such. I ordered a flat of cherries and blueberries. Yum! My smoothies will be very tasty the next month. I discovered if enough fruit is put in it masks the bitter taste of even kale.

School is Out

It is official! We have a new little First Grader! Amelia's last day of school was Wednesday. We sure love Mrs Hamling and wish her the best as she will teach 4th grade next year.

Tuesday evening I hosted a piano recital in our living room. I tried to coordinate with another piano teacher like we did in December but just could not get our schedules to sync. So my two students performed their songs and I performed one song. It was nice and quick! We ended the recital with cookies and doughnuts while the kids raced around the adults chatted.

Wednesday morning I had to take the 3 hr glucose test. I failed my first test. It actually was kind of nice! I had to stay in the waiting room for 3 hours, first drinking the evil sugar water on an empty stomach (totally made me nauseous) then getting my blood tested four times. I passed the second test by one point...126 is fail and I scored 125. The Doctor wants to treat me as having gestational diabetes. I cut out a lot of sugar (aka soda) and upped veggie consumption. Should be fine as long as I don't cheat too often. Justin, Phillip, and I went to Amelia's school at 2:00 for an ice cream social. We got there on time so also had the privilege of playing on the playground with her during recess. Phillip was quite exuberant! We watched a Reader's Theater rendition of the Hungry Caterpillar after recess. Amelia was the butterfly! She gave a cute twirl and curtsy at the end. The kids plied the ice cream and sprinkles table. We sat outside in the nice sunshine with Amelia's classroom friends. She was very excited to be finished with Kindergarten.

Wednesday evening was our Cubscouts Arrow of Light ceremony. Alison hosted the event out at her place. The wind picked up and the temps dropped so we headed into their vast garage for eating and the ceremony. All my boys earned at least 4 badges, one his arrow of light, and another boy earning 9 badges. Makes me feel proud to see these boys progressing. Justin roasted hot dogs over the fire for us. Everett decided to be Man Diva and threw about 10 tantrums through the evening. He ended up dumping his lemonade over his shirt and pants. He had the most hilarious look of disgust on his face.

Thursday I somehow managed to get the kids and myself dressed before 8:30 and out the door. We had to pick up Amelia's report card before 9 am. She placed in the 97% in her class! Good job sweetie! Mrs Hamling said she will be moved into the advanced reading group next year. We gave Mrs Hamling a cute bracelet as thanks for all her hard work. Amelia was sad to end Kindergarten but glad she can go to First Grade now.

Friday Amelia and Everett had their well-child visits. We waited for 90 minutes before the kids were seen. Waiting with active boys for that long is torture. Grrrr. Here are their stats:

Amelia: 44 inches (3 feet 8 inches), 22nd percentile in height. Weighs 40 pounds, 19th percentile. She meets all developmental milestones (talking, hopping on one foot, riding a bike, dancing, and following directions)

Everett: 35.5 inches (2 feet 11.5 inches), 82nd percentile in height. Weighs 31 pounds, 82nd percentile. He also met all his developmental milestones. He can say at least 50 words, uses 2-3 word sentences, can remove his clothing, knows his body parts, can run, climb, and throw a ball.

Right after the doctor's office we enjoyed an hour or so at the park with other ladies and kids in our ward. We had a fun little potluck to celebrate the end of school. Justin took the afternoon off to work on the yard. He planted a new shrub, replacing a dying one.