05 February 2009

Playing with Ella

Yesterday we had warm weather again!! It was around 65 degrees outside. The headliner was: THERE WAS NO WIND!! It was an exciting day. Alison invited us to meet her at the park after school. It seems four other LDS families had the same idea! Ella and Amelia wore their cute hats. It was hard to resist their charms! The girls shared some cookies, the slide, the horsies, and some soda. It was a nice diversion to play at the park when kids were there...usually it is empty when we go.

We also met one of the local family doctors yesterday. Since coming to Sidney, I've had terrible headaches almost everyday, sometimes they are so bad I feel nauseous and etc. Amelia was glad Dr Cutright was poking me and not her. He gave me some new headache medicine to try. Hopefully, soon I'll feel like my old self. All of these headaches are very difficult to manage!

Warm Weather

For the second time since moving here the weather turned....awesome!! Yesterday it was 65 degrees outside. The headliner of the day was: IT WAS NOT WINDY!! Alison invited us to play at the park around 4 pm. When we got there a couple other families from the ward had the same idea! Ella and Amelia were so cute playing on the slide, the horsies, eating cookies (or shhhhooochies), and sipping soda. Amelia is very hard to resist wearing a hat, emphasizing her big eyes. Ella wore her new cute hat too! A lady at the park asked me to make her daughter one too! Amelia is the best advertizing tool!

We spent the morning at the Sidney hospital getting to know our new family doctor. I've had constant headaches since moving here so went to see if the Dr could prescribe anything. I am glad we went here instead of going straight to Scottsbluff, where most people go. The Dr we visited was Dr Cutright. I think Amelia was glad someone was poking me instead of the other way around. Hopefully, with this new medication I will start to feel like my old self.

Amelia Cooks

Here Amelia discovered that putting playdough on your nose is "bunny" or in adult English, FUNNY. So cute!!!

This is how Amelia helps me cook:
1. Raid pantry
2. Gather all "O's" cans ("O's" are spaghetti O's) to middle of kitchen floor
3. Open oven broiler
4. Walk through broiler four times
5. Put cans in broiler
6. Sit in broiler with cans
7. Look cute until Mom opens a can of "O's"