30 November 2011


I love this outfit on Everett. The priate monkeys, the bum words, the hat, and that cute face just about make me go crazy. Took the bubs to his 6 mth check up yesterday. He weighed in at 16 lbs 15 oz, putting him at the 50th percentile. He measured 27 inches long, putting him in the 75th percentile. His head is in the 25th percentile. LOL. All his figures made me laugh especially his head. He still has a Nefertiti shaped head. It is bigger than it seems just depends on which way you measure it. Those cheeks add a lot of weight.


So. Yeah. found some delicious fabric at Hobby Lobby last week. It was too fun to pass by. Said fabric is now a sweet twirly skirt and coordinating top for the 2011 Christmas season. Amelia loves the owls. I love the non-traditional Christmas colors. If you look closely at the fabric it quotes Christmas quips. It is long on purpose...should fit next year too! I also crocheted up a couple things like a newborn hammock (for a local photographer mom), a replacement pink hat (shown above), and the warm cream one (above). I have some new yarn just waiting patiently in line for a date with my hook. I {heart} new yarn.

Tomorrow evening is my first Sidney craft night. I am teaching 12 ladies how to make 5 different flowers for accessories. It should be a fun evening! I am renting a Go! Baby Cutter tomorrow. Hopefully, it will speed up the process of cutting all the circle and flowers shapes needed for my class. If I can get all the shapes cut then the class will go faster...and cleaner. Teaching mini-classes every quarter might become a good idea! It is easy to make a few bucks and share knowledge.

Phillip is being two. Imagine that. He must be growing or teething because he is not sleeping well of late. He gets up between 5-6 am now, and then a couple times during the night wanting chocolate milk, snuggles, or something. That kid has a loud pair of lungs. Phew. Yesterday morning he fell asleep on my chest around 5:15 am down in the basement. It was nice to snuggle him. Last night he decided to be awake at 1 am. Justin proved to have the Midas touch and got him back to sleep. After being sick and then restless kids at night I feel like a train ran over my head. Sorry if I am a bit testy this week. Geeze, I just need a nap. I tried to take one today but as soon as my eyes closed Everett woke up. Tried again and Phillip woke up. Tried once again then Amelia wanted white milk. Shoot. Nothing is worse than a crabby mommy.

27 November 2011

Six Months Old


Everett reached the ripe old age of six months yesterday. He is one happy, squishy, gurgly, snuggly little guy. This month:

He started eating solid foods. He is eating two meals a day now and loving apples and rice cereal.
He will roll over from tummy to back if wiggling enough.
Will sit for about four minutes by himself when legs are spread apart.
Gives amazing kisses.
Is chewing on everything (teething?) and a huge drool monster.
Giggles at Amelia and Phillip.
Talks to us with little shrieks, rapsberries, cooing, and ohhh's.
Can spot me from across a room.
Grasps toys with lightening speed.
Is close to wearing 12 month clothing and is in size three diapers already.
Gets daily diaper changes from his big brother...and adjusting his digestion of solid food.

Charity, Kenny, Libby, Mason, and Reagan can attest that this little guy will steal your heart with his first coo and "melt in your arms" hug. I cannot believe he is 6 months old. The most exciting development for me is that he can now have Ibuprophen, much more effective and long-lasting.

**more updates tomorrow after his 6 mth well-baby appt.

Day After Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving was awesome until about 7 pm when the nausea and headaches suddenly hit me. I was ultra tired all day but attributed that to being on my feet cooking. Not fun. Charity and I spent a long night between resting and making good use of the bathroom. The next day I got a short nap but no real rest. The gang decided to go to Chimney Rock and Scottsbluff. They were going to leave Libby with Everett and I but I did not want Libby to miss the trip. Thankfully, most of the action was over but the residual tiredness and nausea plagued me. The visitor's center is usually open on holiday weekends....they were two years ago. This year no such luck. We drove up to the vista and admired the rock from afar then meandered around the cemetery. Mason would sell his soul for some good Chinese food. We had a good Chinese restaurant in mind! I ordered a medium hot and sour soup. Goodness it was like a medium pot of soup, more than three people could ever eat. After lunch we braved Target on Black Friday just for kicks.

Reagan caught the bug Friday night. Justin caught it Saturday. I am anxiously waiting for the kids to start pooping and hurling all over the place. Still the James family decided to try for home once Reagan stopped feeling so nauseous. About 30 minutes after they left their new vehicle broke down. They bought it on Monday. Terrible luck. Of course all the Ford dealerships were closed or unable to help until Monday morning. We found a guy in town who tried to look at it but the closed transmission prohibited him from even checking to see where the engine was leaking. Their new car is in Sterling until it gets looked at and repaired. They drove our Toyota back to SLC with sick kids and sore hearts. My heart goes out to them, literally...it hurts knowing how tight things are for them. Kenny will drive our car back here next week to trade back with their hopefully fixed car.

Not five minutes after they left I found Phillip in the bathroom (grrrrr) painting his face and hands with fingernail polish while trying to lick Kaopectate (anti-diarrheal) off the counter and floor. Needless to say he has not had diarrhea. Phillip learned how to give Thumbs Up last week. It is funny when he gives you a thumbs up instead of talking. Justin helped me drag out the Christmas stuff from the attic. Amelia and I decorated the tree during nap time. I really want to change my tree colors but nostalgia prevents me every year. I love dragging out the same decorations and memories we've created over the past 7 years. Seeing all the handmade snowflakes made by Tanta Jo, the blue and silver decorations from our wedding, and other ornaments collected over the years just makes me smile. Amelia hung a silver bird on our tree and exclaimed, " Mom, look! It looks so flighty!" She even decorated her room with blue beads. I am just waiting to find Phillip on top of the tree. We seriously considered hanging the tree this year from the ceiling.

Today we are home from church still feeling grody and tired. Hopefully we'll feel better tomorrow. The James family made it home safely. I did not write done my blessings in the last post:

I am thankful for:
my wonderful, beautiful little family. My supportive and loving husband. Amelia, Phillip, and Everett
the amazing gospel of Jesus Christ
membership in the true church
health and strength
visiting family
Justin's job and my little hobbies
my parents and my siblings
patience (grown larger this year by one active little boy).

24 November 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

Wow! I am so amazed at how perfect this Thanksgiving is! The weather is amazing, nearly 72 degrees outside, sunny, and just a breeze. Family around to play with and visit. Yummy food. Phone calls from loved ones. The list goes on and on.

Kenny, Charity, Libby, Mason, and Reagan arrived early yesterday afternoon after a long drive from Utah. We are so glad they made the drive! Amelia and Reagan hit it off. I think this is the first time they've been around only each other without similar aged cousins for more than a few hours. Libby and Mason just adore little Everett, they vie for his attention. Phillip loves all the action and extra attention. We had a yummy pulled pork dinner with jalapeno-tomato warm salsa. Libby kept me company while I made a pumpkin cheesecake and "chunky monkey" pudding pie.

I started off Turkey day with a nice jaunt outside in the cold with Charity and Libby. We had a fun time at the park. Phillip decided to shake hands with a guy there so walked up to him with his hand out. The kids fed the ducks then we walked around the pond. Everett had his first ever swing ride. He was not so sure about it. He sure looked cute in his giraffe coat. We had "horse-duvers" for lunch. The turkey was amazing this year. I brined it in salt, peppercorns, bay leaf, rosemary, and Meyer lemons. Yum! Dinner was ready by 4. Reagan, Amelia, and Phillip used paint and bubble wrap to make fun patterns on some paper. I cut the dried paper out into corn shapes for name cards. The girls decorated the table. Most of the day we lazed about watching our new TV and playing. Our menu was: turkey, asparagus, mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberry salad, and bundt bread.

Now I am barfing my guts out...bummer. Nice end to a fun day. Nighty night

18 November 2011

Mmmmm, mmmm Good


I love this little guy. He is so happy and content. This week he really started talking. He will zone in on your face, give you an intent look, then start singing, cawing, and growling all with drool dripping down his chin. He loves to give out slobbery kisses. If his legs are spread wide enough he can sit for about a minute! I just adore the sparkle in this baby's eyes.

On another note...we have a dead deer hanging in our garage. I am so torn between fascination and gagging. Justin and Matt went out hunting all day yesterday again. Matt bagged a buck before 9 am. Looks like no deer for us this year since Justin does not want to go out on Saturday. Mr Brayden came over once the guys got home to help skin the deer. That kid LOVES bugs, animals, and hunting. Phillip got blood all over one hand which grossed the little guy out. At least our garage does not smell like nasty socks and rangy creature anymore.

Phillip's vocabulary seemed to double this week. He added a few awesome words: I can't (wonder where he got that from, Mia?), HELP!, Do It, trouble, TV, away, airplane, car, van, and gross. He pretty much will repeat any word you say but has not reflected the words later until this week. Good job buddy!

I decided to teach a class on making fabric flowers and accessories. The event is scheduled for 01 Dec. As of now I have 12 ladies signed up for the class. It will be a lot of work but fun at the same time. Kenny, Charity, Libby, Mason, and Reagan are coming to Sidney for Thanksgiving. We are beyond excited to have them out here for some R&R and spoiling. Amelia has a pile of art work for Reagan saved up. I cannot believe that Thanksgiving is next week.

15 November 2011

Today was a special day. Justin celebrated his 18th birthday...doubled. Friday he purchased bullets from Cabela's. The cashier asked him if he was over 18...he realized then that he was twice that age. What an age to be! With three loving, funny, and cute kids. A wife who adores him. Justin is one lucky man...and we are very lucky to be his family. Amelia made Justin several amazing art pieces using pen, ribbon, loose flower petals, and glue. She is into cards and scrapbooks right now. I think Ella gave her a new spin on what can be done with paper, scissors, and glue. She made a funny list of what Justin wanted for his birthday:

new monster truck
a shiny fishing pole from Cabela's
the stuffed elephant from Cabela's to put in our front yard
a blue tie with our photo on ita blue cake with blue beads around it
new socks

She sang song after song telling Justin how much she loved him with her heart and blood on his birthday. Today she wanted to decorate the whole house for a party that the Haley's would come to. Justin took the day off work. We drove out to Sterling for a change of pace. We had lunch at our favorite Mexican joint there, Santiago's. We found a new flat screen TV at Walmart. Ironically it was out of stock in Sterling but in stock in Sidney. Who'da thunk? Said TV is now hanging in all it's technological glory in the basement. We are cancelling satellite and going with Netflix and hulu+. Seriously, the TV has amazing quality. I earned all the cash for the new TV over the past few months! It is nice to have a little extra floating around. I almost bought Justin a new gun with my wad of cash but decided that TV would be more functional. Sorry honey...we will go to Cabela's for your real present tomorrow. LOL. Amelia snuggled with Justin at naptime. She read him two books and rubbed his back until he fell asleep. That was thoughtful! Happy Birthday to the love of our life. Thank you for all the effort you put into supporting us, loving us, and being an amazing father.

Jumping in the Leaves

We jump started the weekend with a pile of leaves, the slide, and two excited kids. So cute and fun...and cheap! I pulled out my mini-apollo light box for my flash to practice with. It was nearly dark so the effects were not normal and sort of fun. Justin spent the evening getting his hunting gear all ready for deer hunting. He left around 4 am and arrived home at 6 pm. He was tired after a day of sitting in the brush watching for deer. The day was warm and windy, which did not bide well for drawing deer out into the open. No one in his party got a deer. The kids and I finished up 8 loads of laundry all folded and put away. Christine Landers kindly watched Amelia and Phillip for 6 hours so I could attend Nicole's bridal shower in Oshkosh. I figured the kids would have more fun with Zane and Morgan than sitting in a car for hours. I caught a ride with Betsy Durfee. We followed her google map directions and ended up on Ogallala, 50 miles away from where the shower was. Stupid directions! Betsy got us there in time to enjoy most of the shower. We got back home around 6 pm. I had 4 hats to crochet over the weekend. The drive time was a blessing! Phillip fell asleep within two minutes of getting in his car seat. He was super, duper cranky the rest of the evening.

Sunday was a bit taxing on Justin and I. Phillip gets violent when he is tired. He was so hyper during Sacrament Meeting. Justin reported that the nerd-o almost pulled the fire alarm. I could hear Phillip from mid-chapel over the microphone piped into the Mother's Lounge. Nursery was no better. He pushed, bashed, head cracked, and stepped over all the other kids. I was worn out after wrangling him and trying to keep peace in the nursery. It is hard to be a nursery worker with your own kiddos. We all took a long nap after church.

A nasty flu is going around Sidney of late. Thankfully, none of us have contracted it yet. Alison cancelled preschool at her home on Monday. Amelia was moping around so I held a special school session for Amelia and Phillip. We talked about art, the function, purpose, and love of art. The kids painted two beautiful murals with finger paints. They did a really great job following instructions and cleaning up.

Two funny things involving Phillip this weekend:
1. caught him in the bathroom with his nether regions bared, peeing all over the outside of the toilet. He was squealing with glee over the discovery that his pee can move where he moves. The little stinker was dancing his pee all over the white throne. I about swallowed my tongue trying not to laugh, making him clean up his mess.
2. yesterday morning I went upstairs to get Everett and Phillip some clothes. When I came back down, Phillip had stripped off Everett's clothing and diaper. He wiped off Everett's bum and was trying to put on a new diaper. The diaper was backwards thus caused him some frustration. Then he nursed his monkey and wiped it's bum too for good measure. Last week Phillip and I played house. I showed him how to change a doll's clothes and diaper. He was a very attentive student!

11 November 2011




This week feels like a blur of activity and restlessness. I ended up sewing quite a bit this week for orders some local folks placed. To get it all done and still be an attentive mother I let the kids do several fun activites while I worked. Monday I made a cute zebra outfit for a baby's first birthday. I love the shirt, tutu, and headband. Since I was worrying about the size poor Everett got to try it on. He looked a lot like Amelia did at that age. It cannot believe he is big enough at nearly 6 mths old to fit into 12 month sizes. Stop growing little baby boy! It is going by way too fast. Yesterday Alison took all the kids from 9-1 and Amelia until 4. I took the chance to sew up a large order of two appliqued shirts (cannot show that yet), two coordinating skirts, and two head ties. Last week I got some chiffon to make some new tutus for my ballerina. She only has one right now! I love the crochet waistband and tie waistband.

Monday the Amelia and Phillip got to watercolor the bathtub. Both kids were occupied for over an hour! Phillip was in heaven to make a mess and not get yelled at. I was in heaven watching him enjoy the activity. Phillip painted while Amelia was in preschool. During Phillip's nap I let Amelia loose in the bathtub. She is quite the artist! That activity is something we will do again. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday I let Amelia and Phillip play with paper, glue sticks, scissors, colors, and embellishments. Amelia made three scrapbooks. She cut paper for about 20 minutes with the neatest face of concentration ever. Phillip is pretty adept at using scissors...especially for a two year old. Not sure if that is scary or not. He made five awesome collages. Wednesday we had Ella and Bryn over after preschool for the afternoon. The girls played and played. Wednesday I introduced Phillip to the joys of our rice box. He loved pouring the rice into containers. When he got tired and threw some on the carpet his time was over. We have two tules with the rice box: no throwing rice and no rice on the carpet.

Wednesday I cajoled Kelly into taking more family photos of us in her studio. We were at her studio by 8:20 am...that was amazing. I loved the outdoor photos but wanted individual poses, family, kids, and spouse photos for a new wall collage. Phillip was done in about 5 minutes. Kelly worked miracles bribing him with a sucker. Being a photographer myself makes me a bit picky when it comes to what I want. Thanks Kelly for session number two! Can't wait to show you the new ones. The kids earned a doughnut afterwards. I earned a nap which was not realized. I appreciate Justin not complaining and being a good sport for me. That is true love.

Thursday morning Phillip woke up at 5:30 just howling. I went into his room and took him downstairs. When I looked at his face it was swollen, blotchy, and covered with bumps. The skin was warm to the touch and his eye was nearly swollen shut. He looked awful. After more Zyrtec, Benedryl, Ibuprophen, and medicated lotion his skin looked a bit better. Not sure what he reacted too. The only new food he ate was chocolate sprinkles. In actuality I noticed his skin becoming irritated about a week ago but it usually clears up after a day or so. I fear he is in for some allergy treatments.

Justin makes me laugh. He gets so excited over hunting. I cannot get this man to put away his clean clothes or help with the dishes. Yet, when it comes to hunting he is so organized. Tomorrow he is going deer hunting. Already his car is neatly packed, his gear waiting on the car spoiler, a new bolt installed to hang the dead deer in our garage (totally distgusting, gross, and morbid), and guns cleaned. Once I learn how to transfer some of that energy into helping around the house and with the kids I will sell the secret. Wink.

Lastly, my Kindle is out of time out. I can now borrow eBooks from the digital OverDrive Library System. Hooray!!!!!!!!!!