15 July 2009

Giving it a WHIRL

I HATE working with most doctors. As previously mentioned I took Amelia to the DR to make sure she was physically free of symptoms that would inhibit sleep. Her ears are fine (at least that much is known). The stupid DR suggested maybe she was teething (Mia has all her teeth due until 3 yr old molars) or going through a growing spurt. Her final suggestion was maybe she is a high-strung child...ya think?! I want my $35 dollar copay back. Sunday night I mostly slept in her room on the floor. She held on to my finger most of the night, waking up every 20-30 minutes just to make sure my finger was still present. I was a BIT sore in unknown muscles, but more rested! Monday and Tuesday nights Justin and I took turns sleeping on the floor until she was in a good REM cycle. I guess the next step will be to wean her of our presence during sleep...again. In our next house we are definitely getting a comfy lazy boy chair.

We are also trying the potty training route. I pretty much stopped trying Monday night, after giving her a lot of water to drink then sitting her on the potty for a full 30 minutes. We painted her toes and finger nails, sang songs, read books, etc. NO pee...until we left the bathroom. She whizzed all over the carpet less than a minute after! I don't think she quite understands the concept. Funny thing is she still asks to use the potty but mostly just plays with it, triggering the music. Watching how aware Ella is of her body is helping me realize that Amelia is not quite there yet. I figure playing with the whole potty idea is no waste of time. We will try again when she can tell me about pee and poo before it happens. Cleaning poppy undies is no fun at all. I've cleaned out about 7 pairs of poopy pants and three times as many pee-pee pants. We are in no hurry. She exhibited some interest so we (I) gave it a whirl!

Today we went to the local park for 3 hours. The girls had a blast playing with each other and kids who came and went. Mia re-scraped her right knee for the third time, I MADE her put on a band aid as protection. We nearly squashed a neatly camouflaged baby duck resting on the rocks near the park benches. It was so new the eyes were still covered. All the little kids squealed in delight as we watched the tiny duck roll around on a napkin found in my car. I found a "safe" place to protect the little duck near the pond. Mia and Ella loved playing "airplane" on the swings, ie. swinging on your tummy. They also hung monkey style from the jungle gym. The weather was oddly cool and quite pleasant. Mia took an early nap, alas not a long nap. We went to her next favorite place: the library. This evening she enjoyed a chocolate popsicle...well, maybe her face and legs enjoyed the popsicle more than her mouth. She's learned to paint her body with the cool fudgey confection. Makes her yummy to kiss!!!

I crocheted three cute hats for baby Voldy and cut then sewed one more blanket, burpie, and bib out of some flannel found in Utah with little monkeys on it. I am actually going to crochet the entire set to match. I have a lot more respect for Grandma Lance and the blankets she crochets for all the little babies. It takes a lot of time to edge those blankets. Pictures forthcoming!!