04 July 2012

Water Fight


Friday night Justin started the MAJOR task of fixing the sprinkler system. He says fixing the sprinklers is like playing whack-a-mole! I noticed the sprinklers in my garden box were constantly leaking. He fixed that then noticed the front leaking. Some of the celenoids were corroded in the main box. He fixed that then the front started a major leak, the pipe cracked. The pipe was the major issue but did not manifest itself until everything else was fixed. We made a trip to Sterling to buy food storage buckets at Walmart, bedroom stuff for Phillip, sprinkler parts for Justin, and flowers for me. Amelia discovered the joy of playing in thick mud while Justin worked on the pipes.

Everett's leg rashes from scooting on carpet

The room switcheroo. I actually like it MUCH better. Amelia is not so cranky with Phillip trying to get in all her stuff. Phillip has a place to go for time out and not trash her side. He loves the new car carpet. He's kissed the Lightening McQueen lamp about 30 times.

Sunday we got some much prayed for rain. It's rained for three nights since Sunday! The farmers are extremely grateful. One of the Ranchers in our ward had a scary wild fire on their land Sunday night. Something about rain is just magical! Watching Amelia enjoy the rain made me feel so deliciouly happy.

Amelia and Phillip made a monkey cake and oven on Monday. Amelia stuffed the monkey into a basket, covered with a towel and surrounded the ensemble with pretzels and blueberries.

We had a fun waterfight on Monday too. We started cleaning out the buckets for the food storage. It ended in a fun water fight with dripping wash cloths.

Everett looks like a vampire baby demolishing his popsicle!  

Amelia made an arm cast. Zane was the pretend doctor who nursed her back to health.

I recovered the swing cushion and made a new sun shade for it. Maybe it will last another summer or two. It was tricky to figure out and trickier to sew. I hate cutting fabric without precise instructions. I can do it but the fear factor is always there. Pretty good! I still need to add some "puckers?"

Everett's cute legs spread eagle. He looks so short and cute standing there! Stop growing so dang fast! Last night Justin helped me move the guest bed in the basement. We placed about 12-14 buckets on the floor and will cover them with some flat plywood then put the box springs and mattress over the buckets. Moving the buckets cleared our some much needed space in the storage room. I am tackling the storage room for the 20th time. It gets cluttered easily. I wish that I was better at putting things away and not saving the task for later. I could learn a lesson or two from folks like Alison and Kelly.

Happy Independence Day

We had a little parade near Main street this morning. We felt very patriotic! We love this country, especially a country with 50 stars on it. Amelia said our country must have done a great job at school to earn 50 stars. Happy 4th of July from the Calls.

Funky Glasses


Yesterday we went out to take some photos for the 4th. Mostly the session was a disaster. Still, the photos are funny. The kids LOVED the funky dollar store glasses. Phillip poked Everett in the eye with a leaf. Check out the look Everett shot Phillip (click on the collage).