10 September 2010

Mmmm, Carrots

These six quarts of carrots are pure gold. I actually picked them Tuesday evening. Wednesday evening I decided to do something about them, the easiest course seemed to can them in my new pressure cooker. Soon the carrots were peeled, cubed, and sitting in quart jars. That was the easy part. Canning them the hard part. Jeremee came over to help demystify my canner, I was afraid of blowing myself up. First, I could not locate the owner's manual. Justin found it online, awesome! We cannot use our pressure cooker on the glass range. Next step, putting the pressure cooker on the BBQ grill side range. It was too windy to generate enough constant heat that Jeremee suggested we put the jars in the fridge and try again the next day. B-u-mmer. I went over to help Alison for a minute yesterday and I saw her gas range glowing brightly from the corner of my eye. Bingo! She let me pressure cook the jars. It was seriously a 2.5 day task. Not so sure I want to try that again. Well, then Laurie emailed the RS ladies about Utah peaches and pears she is picking up this weekend. Hooray! More torture!!! Yum! I can't wait to make some winter stew with garden carrots. I still have about four rows of carrots to harvest. Any takers?

Side note: Phillip is teething. Poor kid is sooooo uncomfortable. He hardly napped yesterday even after getting up at 6 am. I did notice his front teeth trying to break through. Hopefully he will have those teeth through soon. My arms are getting buff from Phillip-holding.

Side note 2: We went on a walk yesterday evening. Amelia ran the whole way. Man, that girl is MY personal trainer. I put her squeaky shoes on. According to her, she HAD to run from the squeaking mouse. Fun times.