29 June 2011

Holy Cuteness...

So...I learned me how to sew some visors. HOly Stinkin' AdorAbLE! Yesterday I sewed 10 visors and finished two more this afternoon. I saw a famous newborn photographer use one so I decided to figure it out instead of dishing out $20 per visor. It was not hard at all! Just a brim shape, with a slight curve where the brim is sewn to the strap...and a strap. I fancified the visor with stitching and finished off the back with velcro, gotta love adjustable. Phillip LOVES his! Amelia even wants one now!

PS: I am in complete awe of Everett's feet. His toes are so long and skinny. Even his pinky toe is as long as the others.

PSS: He smiled at me again this afternoon, melt me into a sloppy puddle

PSSS: taking the kids to the pool without reinforcements is NOT a good idea. Phillip tried to swim like the big boys about 20 times, never cognizant that he can't. That kid has one thick skull. Once I looked over to see him floating face down bubbles churning out his nose. Everett was nursing with me beside the pool. Luckily, Christine was there and grabbed him. Three minutes later after his close brush with drowning he was trying the same trick. Dear Phillip...we are supposed to learn from our mistakes, not repeat them. That is good advice for us all.

PSSSS: watched Ella yesterday while Alison is at Girl's Camp. We went to McDonald's for lunch. The girls got barbie doll heads/busts (to style hair). On the way home both girls were in the back of the van yelling, "where are my arms? where are my legs? HELP ME, Help ME!" I nearly crashed the van from laughing. The girls played sooooooo well together. They played princess, mom & baby, strawberry shortcake, and wolves. I smiled hearing them play and interact using their large imaginations.