24 September 2009


A new family in our ward invited us and the Haleys over for FHE on Monday. Maleia made a delicious chili and warm cornbread to feed everyone. The Titus family recently moved here from Nevada. Greg is a bone fide cowboy! He was hired here to work a large cattle ranch as overseer. He often sports varying shapes of facial hair much to my amusement. Maleia and Greg have two kids, Dani and Matthew. Dani is about the same age as Amelia and Ella. The girls had a smashing time jumping on Dani's bed and riding her bouncy horse. Right before dinner Amelia bonked her head pretty hard. About 10 minutes later she was sitting on my lap whining when all of the sudden she threw up all down my back, pants, and carpet. Poor thing! She was drenched also. Maleia scrounged up some jammies for Mia and a clean shirt for me. Five minutes later she threw up again all over the clean shirt and jammies. I wondered if she had a concussion but her eye dilation was normal. After the third, fourth, fifth, and sixth sessions of throwing up we decided she had a stomach bug. It took two times to realize that when she started to cry that meant I had about 3 seconds flat to get her over a bucket or toilet. Justin even got baptized...way to go sweetie. He doesn't do throw up or poop very well, like MOST men. She threw up again on the drive home. We threw her in the bathtub then quickly bundled her into bed. The next day I cautiously gave her apple juice in a baby bottle. She kept it down fine so we moved to toast. I was expecting diarrhea...boy did that come in a vengeance also. She went through all of her warm outfits by 10 am. Yucky!!

Phillip had his 1 month checkup. Taking an ornery toddler and baby to the Dr was not fun at all. I built up some muscles wrastling Amelia in one arm and Phillip in the other. Phillip is in the 48 percentile for weight and 70th for height. He weighs 9 lbs 11 oz and measures 22 inches long. This morning he tried so hard to give a full body smile! I can't believe his first month is nearly gone.

Justin is working hard at priming and painting the house. Getting out to paint is proving very difficult for me. He spent 5 hours Tuesday and Wednesday nights tackling the ceilings. The house already looks much cheerier. I plan on organizing a painting party for Friday night to try and knock out as much as possible. I am proud of Justin for taking up the gauntlet!! I did my portion by spending 1.5 hours at Walmart buying paint. Thankfully, Phillip stayed asleep and Mia played at Natalie's house. Other than that I am deep in an excellent book entitled "The Ring of the Slave Prince" about slavery in Trinidad. Can't wait to read Dan Brown's new book!!