29 November 2008

Date Night

Yesterday was a fun day. I oddly woke up at 6:30 am with the feeling that I needed to go shopping. I laid in bed for 20 minutes contemplating the intricacies of getting up and going to Kohl's. Reason did not win, so I found myself at the store. I was not looking for anything in particular, mostly to observe the other crazy shoppers. I did find a cute pair of snow boots for Amelia but did not want to stand in the 45 min long check out line. So, I hid the boots under a stack of plus size jeans. LOL...

Later on De-bo came over to watch Amelia while Justin and I went to see Quantum of Solace. It was a pretty good flick if you like action, shooting guns, martial arts, and poor plot. One fact you may not know about me is that I LOVE Kung Fu movies, especially Jackie Chan. My favorite Kung Fu movie is Iron Monkey. It is so funny. After the movie we had some dinner at Chadder's. Pretty much it is like the Costa Vida of the Cafe Rio fame...but a knock-off of In-&-Out. The bun was soggy but the fries were oh, so good. Amelia had a great time with Auntie De-bo. She asked for her all this morning. After she went to bed I snuck in some time to finish two shirts for Amelia. For the Penguin one, I thought it needed something else so I added the "I heart"...much better. At Walmart last week I found a pair of white tights with pink snowflakes...so I made a contrasting shirt. Now for a skirt to match! Maybe next week.

Justin is in the DOGHOUSE for not communicating with me. He notified me last night that he is taking a trip to LA on Monday. I made him spell c-o-m-m-u-n-i-c-a-t-i-o-n- to me a couple of times. He forgets to tell me a lot of stuff about his family and what goes on at work. I could do better at eliciting information but he could also make the initiative to tell me. Little booger snot pants.