24 November 2010

Phillip Walks

Here are some photos to show off Phillip's new skill: Walking. I am in love with his expressions! He is so proud of his little self! I included a couple photos of him pointing. Phillip is a pointer! In the bottom photo he is telling a story about whatever he was pointing at. That kid chatters just like a squirrel, thus the nickname. What a silly little squirrel!

Last Saturday evening we enjoyed a solo date, actually hired a babysitter for three hours. The Webbs hosted the Stake President for the weekend. In honor of the event the ward counsel was invited over for a delicious turkey dinner. I made cranberry/pomegranate salad. Brother Webb had each couple introduce themselves, telling how they ended up in Sidney, callings, and a bit of history. It was so fun to gain insight into folks we've known for a year or more. Right before the event I photographed a family of 13 people. Ironically, the biggest challenge was the light. It was overcast and quite dim. Rose came along as my assistant, playing the silly one to capture the little one's attention. The entire photo shoot went by in about 35 minutes. Amelia and Phillip really loved their babysitter, Kristin Adamson. She is about 23 and engaged to be married this spring. Her father is Justin's big honcho boss in the accounting department. Both kids were asleep and comfy by the time we made it home. Freezing fog made the roads super slick.

I renewed my temple recommend after church. Phillip spilled an entire carton of chocolate milk in my purse a couple months ago. My old recommend was barely legible due to the milk. The mark of a true Mom!!

Monday and Tuesday I suffered through the worst part of a nasty migraine headache. It was brutal. I even threw up six times because the headache made me feel so nauseous. Yuck-o. I think we did stuff during those two days but it is all a little hazy. Amelia went over to play with Ella on Monday and Ella came over to play on Tuesday. That is about all I remember. Alison watched Amelia and Phillip Tuesday evening so Justin and I could go watch Harry Potter 7 part 1. Alison reported that Phillip cried for 30 minutes then clung to Morley, cried each time Ella turned her back, and then decided walking about was alright. Ella delightedly fed Phillip a bottle of milk, whether he wanted it or not. The movie was great, followed the book very close. Can't wait for part 2 to end the series.

Wait. I do remember something about Monday. Right after my photo shoot on Saturday I put my payment into my pocket. My thick gloves must have pulled the payment out of my pocket and onto the ground. Monday I finally thought about it and realized the money was NOWHERE to be found. I searched all my pockets, photography bags, and car. I was sweating bullets. Justin laughed when I told him, little bugger. I went back to the location, said a prayer and started retracing my steps. On my way back to the car, the payment was sitting on top of the grass, fluttering in the wind. It is a miracle that the bill did not fly away. Goodness, gracious I said a prayer of thanks afterward.

Justin got off work early this afternoon. We drove to Sterling for a Walmart trip. I wanted to get a bigger tree, pre-light, and ultimately harder for a certain curious boy to pull over. I also got the rest of my groceries needed for tomorrow's dinner. The tree barely fit in between the back seat and front seats for the ride home. About 10 families from the ward are getting together for Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow. Gladly, we will not have to eat pancakes! I volunteered to bring a turkey, gravy, Bavarian jello salad, a vegetable, chocolate parfait, and a fancy drink. Guess I will be cooking up a storm after all. We set up our tree after dinner. It looks amazing! Phillip is fascinated with the fireplace now. The piano was in front of it all summer.