30 May 2008

Aunt Lissafer is Here!!

Aunt Lissafer (a.k.a Melissa) arrived to Utah with Ethan and Grant on Friday morning. She is here to introduce Grant to the lower 49 states since he was born in Alaska. Ok, she is really here to visit Amelia and Del Taco. We did have dinner at Del Taco...which hit my stomach spot quite nicely. Amelia got a balloon at the restaurant to her utmost delight. In the car ride home she went crazy kicking and batting it around the back seat. The cousins played at our little park nearby while I photographed a realty property Charity is representing for the MLS posting. Libby took Ammy down the slide. Little Grant is a cute flirt. We love our boys! Welcome to Utah Melissa. Melissa, Ethan, and Grant were all roasting while the rest of us were nearly chilled. LOL.

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Cub Scouts on Fire

For our meeting this week we arranged to visit our local firestation. The chief taught the boys about basic fire safety. At one point the chief was discussing the safest way to store gas(oline). One boy piped up that HIS mom kept gas safely in the laundry room. The little guy next to him asked how they kept their gas in the laundry room and muttered something about keeping farts inside. I thought the chief was going to lose it he laughed so hard. Another firefighter showed us all around the complex. The boys were dismayed that there was not a pole in this fire station. An engineer showed us the vehicles. The newer stations have suction systems that pump the truck's exhaust out of the building via ducts. When a truck returns to the station the duct is immediately hooked over the exhaust. The fire chief came out and turned the suction on and stuck it to the little boy's bum who asked about fart gas. We all had a good laugh about that. Right on cue the station got a call and we witnessed the jump of action as the firefighters jumped on the truck and tore out of the station. Fun day!