02 June 2013

Sidney Circus

This week went by super fast. I like Monday holidays! We had a windy and stormy week. Tuesday night we had another stretch of dangerous storm cells. Two tornados were spotted touching down outside of Sidney. I was making dinner when the sirens went off...we rushed outside instead of downstairs to see the view. From our porch we could not see much except for the pale green colored clouds indicating hail. The kids had a fun basement picnic. Later we were in the basement when Justin asked what the strange noises were...I responded: torrential rain? Indeed. Rain was coming down so fast and hard all the sewer drains were overwhelmed. Rain came up past our grass. Makes us feel nervous when the floods come that close to our home.

Thursday Miss Ella came to play while her Mom and brothers mowed lawns and took care of rental properties. It was super windy and a bit cold for the next 4 days. We went to the kids store and found several pairs of flip flops and a cute dress for Amelia. I found a tank top to use for an applique to coordinate with a skirt she has. The kids really wanted to have a lemonade stand. The kids endured the wind nicely! All the kids yelled "Lemonade! 25 Cents a cup!" for an hour or more. They sold 6 quarts of lemonade earning $16.50 in less than an hour. That was the most lucrative lemonade we've ever hosted. I think the workers from Cabela's down the street at the High School helped!

We endured the wind again Friday for a jaunt to the park. It was so windy Everett was knocked over twice. I hate when the wind gets that bad (over 25 mph). I had a little scare with the baby...she did not move much for over 24 hours. I went to the clinic just to have the Dr listen for a heartbeat. She started moving a bit but her heart rate was on the low side. Ironically, the nurse told me to go drink 36 oz of a caffeinated drink. I did not listen to that advice, just ate a little sugar snack to get my blood pressure up a little. We went to the Shriner's circus after dinner with the other half of Sidney. The show was outside in the wind and 55 degree temps. It was the strangest "circus" ever! I can almost say I've seen just about everything. We wanted to ask the tiger trainer to give a hand at training Phillip. The kids were happy with the circus...mostly because they got lollipops and gummy worms. Everett started running a fever after the circus.

Saturday we went to the furniture store to check out bunk beds for the kids. I want to get the kids in one room soon. I think they will need the summer to adjust to sleeping 3 kids in one room, I don't want Amelia to lose sleep around the time school starts. We went to Cabela's to get some kid sleeping bags for our coming camping trip in Idaho. The wind trashed the plastic covering my garden. Half of the plants are shredded and dried up by now. Grrrr. After dinner the library hosted a kick off event for the summer reading program. All the kids are now signed up for the reading program! We let the kids run around the gym until the movie, Bug's Life started. Amelia really wanted to go so we went home and she bathed super quick. I took her back to watch the movie. Phillip insisted on sleeping in his new sleeping bag on the floor with his ever present headlamp. 

***Justin is chuckling over this Phillip story: we were on our way out of Mi Ranchito Friday before the circus. Phillip ran back into the foyer and whipped a quarter out of his pocket and bought himself a gumball. He raided Justin's coin cup earlier and came prepared to FINALLY get something out of the coin machines.