15 May 2016

Riding a New Bike

Everett was so, so sad to leave Grandma's house. He sniffed and moped around when it came time to leave. Grandma gave him a big hug as he cried. Made it hard for us to leave as well. We shoved all our stuff into bags and into the van in record time. We started back to Nebraska around 10 in the morning. We tortured the kids with lunch at Cafe Rio. The wailing and gnashing of teeth was quite impressive. Going home is not as exciting as going to Utah, we finally pulled into our driveway around 8:15 pm.

It took me a couple days to recover and unpack. Our house was not as tidy as I like when Grandma and Grandpa Call arrived for an overnight stay. They were on the road to Utah. The kids came home to school to find new Grandparents at our home. Surprise! I knew they were coming but did not realize it was the day after we got back. Grandpa doled out gummy bears and sweet popcorn all evening. It was nice to visit and catch up! They left early the next morning. Amelia finally tried out her birthday bike. She was pretty excited that the bike can go much faster than her old one.

Wednesday afternoon some person parked their vehicle at the end of my driveway and left! It is common for folks to park there but they usually stay in their car and move when I open my garage door. I was late picking up my kids from school since I had no way to get out. I called the police to come ticket and find the owner. That was annoying and inconsiderate.

Evelyn and Josie came with me to RS Enrichment night on gardening. Evelyn was quite taken with a handful of spoons. She used them as glasses! Evelyn is also in a stacking and lining-up phase. I can tell she is around by the neatly lined up items on a table or the floor. She is also sorting by size and colors the past couple weeks. This week she was especially fascinated with cooking pretend food for her baby dolls. She made a mountain of dried coconut, then swiped the pile on the carpet. I needed to vacuum so took the excuse to let her help me. I took her to Walmart in an outfit she put together: striped pants, striped shirt, lady bug shoes, and an inflatable crown. Fantastic!

Saturday we drove to Sterling for a Home Depot visit. Justin removed the other straggly pine tree to the other side of our front porch stairs. I wanted to put in two new weeping miniature cherry or mulberry trees. Home Depot's selection was dismal. So I got bedding and garden plants instead. I love the house in Sterling near Home Depot. It reminds me of Anne of Green Gables...in Nebraska. We also made a stop to return some Payless shoes Phillip destroyed in less than 4 months. They have a 6 mth return policy. He chose the same shoes! The kids opted to have a kitchen floor picnic as our dinner. The food was quite random: strawberries, yogurt, bananas, chocolate sauce, cheese, and turkey. We giggled over our silly dinner. The weather turned even colder, mocking the newly purchased garden plants.

Josie surprised herself by laughing for the first time at church. She actually giggled at Sister Hill! It was music to our ears. I am glad we both heard her first laugh ever. Just think a new Mormon fairy was born today from a baby's first laugh. Go forth an convert the other fairies. I shall name her Mormona, the missionary fairy. I am enjoying my new Sunday School class, the older sophomore-senior aged kids. We had a wonderful discussion today on reverence and revelation. I assigned a lesson leader each week in case I have to nurse the baby. That arrangement worked out well. The kids had a hard time going to sleep tonight because tomorrow starts the last few days of school! School is over on Wednesday, they only have to pick up report cards Thursday morning. We are also ecstatic our Lance cousins are coming for a week long visit.

Josie is Blessed

Mother's day 2016 dawned cold and wet. The flowers and grass all seemed more colorful in spite of the dismal weather. We attended church with my parents. Their ward is largely comprised of empty nesters so the reverence was amazing. Our kids caught on to the quietness and had a really reverent Sacrament meeting. Justin was really tired after church so he took the van back to take a 4 hour nap. Happy Mother's Day to me. We got to ride in Grandpa's big red truck. Jamming 5 kids plus me in the backseat brought back memories of my parents somehow fitting 5 kids into the old silver Renault they drove in the 1980's.

Around 4 pm lots of friends and family came to celebrate our little Josie. Seems like the house somehow fit 65+ people that day. Miss Josie looked like an angel in her cute blessing dress, she sort of resembled a daisy with the bonnet she wore! The Bishop came over to preside over the blessing. Justin, Lane, Kenny, Shawn, Kenny, Jeremy, and Dave Baerwaldt ....... stood in a circle to bless our sweet baby. She was wide-eyed and alert during the blessing. Once again I missed most of the prayer due to Evelyn licking my face. She was so loud it was hard to hear. Still the spirit was quite calm and infectious. Dad got a bee in his bonnet so had the blessing before James, John, and the grandparents could arrive.

We had quite the spread of Mexican food laid out in the garage entertaining space. Evelyn loves the sparkly floors in the garage. Somehow everyone took care of themselves food wise and entertainment wise. Jared was king of the night with all the kids. He had an elaborate game going with all the kids involved. Even Grandma Jean had to come see what all the fuss was about.

Sarah had the same surgery Amelia will have several times while she grew up. Sarah gave her a very thoughtful gift of a "hip hip hooray diary," a rainbow cheetah, some silly putty, and a cute card. My girl was smiling with joy. She has a hip buddy now! Hip, Hip, Hooray! Amelia ate up the cheesy hip references. She was so excited that her new furry stuffed animal matches her crutches.

Once most everyone left Dad gave some vitamin L to us siblings still lingering. He sagely advised the parents to come up with a plan to help our kids deal with the effects of technology. Kids are handed technology before their first year is over, it messes with the brain. He was most concerned about the teenagers he worked with who had no idea how to deal socially with each other, the lack of motivation to work, and etc. He advised to detach and do real things. Totally agree with that logic! Then he talked a bit about emergency preparedness and the Heartland theory (that the BoM was actually set around the Kirkland area). Good times!