03 July 2010

Beautiful Creations

I watered my plants yesterday morning. I looked down and noticed a single rose among another leafy plant, water drops sparkled off it's petals. I grabbed my new camera to capture the flower. I moved on to my lovely green garden. Tuesday we had our first crop of fresh peas and second crop of chard for dinner. Fresh peas about sent me to heaven. Later on in the week we had BLAT's (Bacon, Lettuce, Avocado, and Tomatos) I ran outside and harvested three different types of lettuce. My beans are close to harvest as well. I am LOVING the home grown richness of a garden. My produce puts Walmart into a dark chamber of shame.

The wind is our constant companion this week. Thursday evening we went to the park, Justin flew his trick kite. Amelia was his helper, actually following directions to help him launch his kite several times. The wind is so strong that biking is out of the question, at least with the bike trailer. Bummer. Ole Betty Blue's engine starter decided to die a slow death this week. We ventured out a couple more times to rescue Justin. Amelia and I got hair cuts yesterday at Deb's home. Phillip and her twins played together like little champs. I dyed two onesies orange and then ironed on a fun applique found at JoAnn's for Phillip. Amelia now wants a pirate shirt. Yesterday she asked me if she could wear Phillip's pee-pee, pants, and a tie like daddy to be just like a smelly boy. I nearly died laughing.

Today we are enjoying a relaxing day. Amelia worked out with me to Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred, grunting and panting the whole time. Once again I about died laughing. We went to Cabela's for some folding arm chairs, bug repellent, bug bit relief stick, and propane. Then we spent a happy hour at the pool splashing and playing. Last time the water was so cold we only lasted 5 minutes in the big pool. Two weeks of warm weather helped out tremendously! Phillip stayed in his floatie in the baby pool, his feet touched the ground, so he was off exploring and walking where he wanted. The little guy was pleased as punch to get where he wanted. His little tongue was out swiping from side to side in utter excitement. John and Courtenay Lance welcomed a little baby boy this morning, weighing 9 pounds. Not sure of the details yet. Justin helped me make jalapeno poppers, using a Pioneer Woman recipe Miekka and James made a couple weeks ago. In a little while we are off to Susan and Stan Adams 3rd annual 4th of July Celebration. Their property backs the location where the fire fighters set off the fireworks. Tomorrow we are having 3 families over for dinner and our own firework show. Yipee!!!