13 December 2008


I have a girly girl! She got into my lipstick the morning. I love the McDonald's effect on her face when she said "smile"! This is the second time she got into my lipstick. However Amelia is a notorious chap stick thief. I must buy a new chap stick every time I visit Walmart only to find it chewed up only a couple hours later. Little stinker learned how to climb so hiding it is my next option.


I love her mimi pillow and binky loves.

KMPG Parties Like There is NO Tomorrow

De-bo came over yesterday around 5 to watch Amelia for the evening. Justin and I attended the annual KPMG Christmas Party. This year it was held at the Little America Hotel, downtown. The partners passed out appetizers much to the delight of the underlings. They were pretty good sports! We sat with some folks at dinner we did not know very well so enjoyed getting to know new people. Our salads were very posh. Two long slices of cucumber encased salad leaves, onion, bleu cheese, dried tomato, and croutons in the shape of a circle. A server dressed the salad separately. The main course included fillet Mignon, grilled salmon, a baby carrot, and mashed potatoes. Entertainment was provided by Quick Wits, patterned after Whose Line is it Anyway?. They were pretty funny. Dessert followed of dark chocolate cake and raspberry sauce. I talk about food because that was almost the most exciting portion of the evening...and a phone call to Miekka. We did enjoy an evening out on the town dressed up sans baby. It gave us a chance to talk about Sidney, NE and other subjects uninteresting to 20 month old baby. Amelia tricked De-bo into telling her that she slept in our bed. We came home to find her wiggling about in our room. She is a tricky one!
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Our overnight trip can legitimately be numbered as a whirlwind trip. We packed lightly...considering the car seat, diapers, blankets, mimi, and coats needed for a baby and the cold. We left for the airport Wednesday around 3:00 pm. Amelia thought the play area was the bomb diggety. By 6:30 we were in Denver Colorado airport dragging our stuff around and pulling Amelia dressed in her Mimi-pack pack. Justin picked up the rental car and off we went in a cloud of monkey chatter. I am very glad to report Amelia did not barf all over me this time. I felt a bit nauseous at the prospect! We noticed a Chik-fil-a off the road at probably the closest Target so had dinner there. Amelia contentedly watched Elmo for two hours in the back seat while I crocheted a hat thanks to my headlamp! Yes, I looked like a nerd. We arrived in Sidney around 10:00 pm.

We were dressed, fed, and rearing to go by 7:45 the next morning. We drove to the corporate offices near the hotel for a brief review of benefits. Then Jennifer, a local gal, took us on a driving tour of the town. They do have a small Walmart, a library, six churches, two small grocery stores, one book store, a small hospital, a couple hair salons, two parks, one walking trail, a golf course, and other small city offices. By in large, it is a small town. Then we dropped Justin off for a morning of interviewing. Amelia and I met up with Susan, the wife of one of the guys Justin interviewed with. She gave us a more intimate tour of the town. She showed us the schools, the big park, what salon was the best, and the local fitness center. Susan was awesome! She treated us to hot chocolate and Italian Soda at the local bookstore. One of the tables had a chess board; Amelia was completely focused on stacking the chips for about 15 minutes. Susan offered great insight and advice about living in a small, isolated town: be involved!

Amelia and I checked out of the hotel room. Then went to see the huge Cabela's store right off highway 80. Amelia thought all the animals were scary at first but after scrutinizing them for 5 minutes she determined that they were not real so went on her merry way. Her favorite part of the store were the "pish" swimming in their tanks. A TV crew was at the store filming some type of commercial, documentary, or segment. The camera guy thought Amelia was so cute he followed her around the store. She would turn around every few feet to say "smile" or "cheese." We had sandwiches at the store's little cafe for lunch. Surprisingly, Amelia ate all the meat and cheese out of her sandwich. Near the store is a little pond around which a large flock of Canadian Geese rested. We walked to the water's edge to get a closer look. The field was chalk full of Goose poo-poo. Sorta icky! Amelia learned how to honk like a goose. Justin apparently saw us walking around from the restaurant window during his lunch.

Susan invited Amelia and I to wait at her home until Justin was finished at Cabela's. She has a gorgeous home! The family owns a yellow lab who was very friendly. Amelia freaked out until she saw the dog was in her bed (to go nigh-night). Susan was gearing up for a progressive dinner that night hosting 50 women. I am so glad she took time out of her busy schedule to entertain us. The best part of her home included the biggest garage I've seen at a personal home...ever. It was big enough to comfortably house a semi-truck plus room for entertainment. It is the ultimate MAN DEN. Justin would love something like that. Around 1:30 we picked up Justin and made our way back to Denver. By 9:00 pm we were back in SLC wondering if we'd just imagined the whole trip.

Our thoughts and impressions:
1. Not too sure about the isolation. When I lived in Wellsville (pop 1,000) it was not so bad because a major city was less than 25 minutes away. Plus I lived with my Grandparents.
2. There is not pediatric doctor or OBGYN in the town. The little hospital is equipped for labor and delivery but not advisable.
3. The nearest hospital, shopping, restaurants, etc is about 1.5 to 2 hours away.
4. We like the family oriented nature of the town.
5. The schools are excellent.
6. Justin likes the folks he interviewed with and the people he's met.
7. Justin could buy an armoury of weapons and ammunition
8. It is REALLY flat and windy. I big drawback for me since I love to road bike and wind literally makes a bike ride much harder with a trailer.
9. We are glad to be back at our SLC home and comfort zone.