09 April 2009

Hat Stands

I received my hat stands in the mail today! I took new pics of all the hats for my website this afternoon. You can check out the other hats in my web album at ScrapShirts. Today I actually bought a clothing rack! I've stewed for a couple weeks now about the best way to display all the shirts I appliqued. A local store is going out of business even selling clothing racks. That was a strange purchase.

Right now it is snowing again. Yesterday we spent an hour or more at the park, enjoying the windy 65 degree weather. Amelia barfed chunky pickle barf all over me after riding the Merry-Go-Round for too long. She barfed a couple times then went back to playing. I wanted a shower since the smell was making me nauseous. I cried a couple times yesterday because my good friend Sarah's home sold after only 3 weeks on the market. It is hard to put roots down when you can't decorate your cramped apartment. I am pregnant, hormonal, and desperately want to be surrounded by my belongings. Our instutional white walls are slowly creeping in on me, smothering my little happy place. Please pray with us that our house will sell SOON.

We finally got my car title transferred to Nebraska. My car's tags expired in March, which made me anxious each time I hopped in the car. Justin did not put my name on the title so he had to do all the work like calling our bank and registering the car. Serves him right! Next time save yourself some time and include me in the title. Nerd Bonker Supremo!

Amelia is missing Jeffrey. We drove passed Cabela's when she burst out with "Jeffy, pishies, elepant, Jeffy"?! It was nice to have a diversion. I am hoping a trip to Utah will raise my flagging spirits!

PS: I updated our Picasa Web Album(s): Check here!!