22 June 2011

Surprise Visit

Justin is still sick with a nasty cough and congestion. He finally went to the Dr this morning for some antibiotics; he has bronchitis. Poor guy is hacking up his lungs with a gusto of late. He has not been this sick in quite some time. Amelia ran a fever all Sunday, Monday, and part of yesterday. Phillip ran a fever yesterday and today. Everett ran a little fever, has some congestion, and is acting fussy. We've been confined to our home since Saturday trying to get better. The weather was dreary all weekend. Tuesday the wind was so powerful that going outside to play was not the best of ideas. I hope everyone is on the mend...and that I don't get it.

While Phillip and Justin napped on Tuesday I played with the baby for a while. He snuggled right in and gave me some delightful smiles all swaddled up and warm. He is getting chubbier! Love his squishy lips and dimple(s).

Tuesday late afternoon the kids and I were outside (in spite of the wind) while I nursed the baby. All of the sudden I heard Mary Henderson (Miekka's Mom) call out my name. I did about four double takes until my head registered that the Henderson's were really standing outside our gate. The wind was so bad that they lost quite a bit of travel time across WY. I am so glad they stopped in for dinner and a sleepover! Mary held Everett while Dorrel and Andrew played with Amelia and Phillip. Phillip was so happy to welcome two other guys into our home. He warmed up in about 2 seconds after noticing Andrew sport some facial hair. After all the times Justin and I crashed Henderson family parties we gladly reciprocated some hospitality. We LOVE visitors! Mary helped me make Calibicitos for dinner. Justin mostly hid out away from everyone to avoid sharing germs. Dorrel and Mary treated us to Dairy Queen ice cream for dessert. Amelia sat on Mary's lap reading books and working on her homework book for quite some time. Thanks for stopping in to Hotel Amelia! Anytime!

Everett decided to have a difficult night. He screamed/cried from 10:50 pm until 1 am. Poor kid was squirming so much he tummy must've hurt something fierce. I gave him some Maalox, which helped once he calmed down. Phillip was up and crying from 2-3 am with a stuffy nose. Then Everett was awake to feed, then Amelia was awake with a nightmare and aching legs. Phew! That was long night. Hopefully we get some sleep tonight.

I took Amelia to the Dr this afternoon for a check up on her ear tubes. The steroid drops helped to reduce the polyp on her ear drum and pushed the tube a significant amount out of her ear drum. The tube is still in her ear drum but should work its way out within a month or so. It looks like she won't have to have surgery! Hooray. She was so funny this morning. She had Justin put on her fancy Easter Dress, tights, and black Sunday shoes. She wore the outfit all day in hopes Ella would come over to play Lemonade Stand with her. I told Ella to stay away per sickness. Amelia was delighted to go to the Dr and show off her fancy clothes. She even fixed her hair with a blue barrette on one side and a flower clip on the other. She is showing off her ability to dress and ready herself. That is an amazing accomplishment. Way to go Mia.

Bubble 'Stache

Gave Everett a bath the other day. Phillip gave him a bubble mustache! He is starting to love his baths, until he has to get out of the warm water. The kids love to help me bathe him too. Amelia loves to help me spread lotion on Everett and Phillip loves to pour water. Every day Everett changes a little. One day he looks like Amelia, the next like Phillip, the next like a perfect composite. He is pretty cute, course I am biased.

I am SOOOOO mad, Mom!

Yesterday Amelia decided to get mad when Phillip got to hold Everett first. So she pouted a moment then announced: "I am SOOOO mad, mom...I am going to make a mess in my room!" I told her to go ahead, but that she had to clean the mess up after. Her mess made me laugh. The books are carefully spread out, the hair clips in a grouping, carefully placed crayons in between the books, her shoes in a line, and her bed rumpled up a bit. After making her mess she happily cleaned it up. Silly girl!