05 May 2014

Cherry, or Apple Blossoms

When the lilac trees start blooming I know that soon the gorgeous pink cherry or apple trees will start to bloom. Oh my goodness. Those trees just pop color all over town. Little pops of pink, white, purple, and yellow show up here in Sidney. Granted spring in Utah is much prettier but you have to appreciate the little things where you live. I appreciate the little spots of color. They make me feel so happy. I took Amelia's photos first right after her impressive tantrum on Thursday. She is a good actress. The light totally changes the tones and colors of the tree. Phillip decided to take a photo of me taking Amelia's photos. Later I took some photos of Evelyn against the tree across our alley. The boys wanted some photos too. Everett begged me to smell the flowers for my camera. Absolutely, there little buddy. I put Phillip up on the bench as well. The boys immediately hugged each other and started telling each other how much they loved the other. Phillip had his own ideas for posing. He wanted to hide in the tree branches like a sneaky bird. I think he won the silly award.

It's All About Tonight

Dance Steps Studio put on their amazing recital Sunday May 4th at 2 pm. This is the 3rd year Amelia has danced with Mrs Margaret. I thought this year was amazing. All the dancers did a great job. The costumes were fitting and the dance numbers pretty awesome. I think the theme really fit the girls this year. We spent a couple hours on Saturday getting ready and at the auditorium for dress rehearsal then class and individual photos. I took some afterwards for our own memories. The apple/cherry tree across the alley is in bloom so it worked out beautifully our dance photos. Amelia's class is by far the largest. All the girls danced well this year. The third years danced the Ballet Dream Waltz, about a little girl who dances in her dreams. So cute. Justin left during the dress rehearsal. We scrambled to find a sitter before he left. The rehearsal went long because two girls were missing from Amelia's class. Justin headed to Stake Conference meetings and to the adult session.

Sunday I did her hair and makeup before church. We went to Stake Conference then came home for a quick lunch and popped over to the auditorium. Everett stepped into the wading pool, with his pants and shoes on. He went with wet pants and shoes. I took Amelia first. Justin came right before the girls performed since Evelyn was sleeping at home. He left right after to get back home. The boys stayed with me after Justin left for home. Goodness. Sometimes I am amazed at Phillip's energy. He was crawling all over the chairs, getting limbs stuck, and loudly clapping at odd times. We made it through the recital with minimal interruptions. When all the dancers came out and bowed a little girl raced up to Mrs Margaret then barfed behind the curtain. I caught a photo of her asking Mrs Margaret for a bathroom. Har Har. The boys raced up to the stage to deliver a dozen pink roses to our little dancer. We are so proud of her!  

Sprinkled with Water

Legos. My kids discovered Legos. I got Amelia a girl-themed legos set for her birthday. We went to Walmart Monday evening to spend the rest of her birthday money. She settled for two more lego sets. Phillip got a set so he would not bother Amelia's legos. Everett wanted in on the action so he got a little set as well. We had a FHE lesson then assembled lego sets. It was awesome. Phillip got a Batman and Robin set. I love/hate legos, love them because they are so cool, hate all the little pieces that get lost. He lost a "flame" for his Batman vehicle. Searched everywhere and never found the tiny piece. It was still windy on Monday. I sewed up a cute Evelyn outfit from the fabric scraps of Amelia's birthday outfit. I love coordinating outfits for my girlies.

I got to chaperon Amelia's class for a trip to the Scottsbluff Riverside Zoo. I took Evelyn with me so could not ride on the bus. We drove and met the class at the zoo. Amelia and I enjoyed some quiet girl time. We first enjoyed an educational lesson with a zoo worker. She taught the kids about habitats. The kids got to meet a spiny lizard, snake, and a chinchilla. The chinchilla was so cute and furry, definitely a favorite. After the presentation we explored the zoo with Amelia's classmate Teyha. The girls ran everywhere chattering about all the animals. The apes were hilarious this visit. Mrs Dobry suggested we have a picnic at the park behind the zoo. Wow. I am impressed with the park behind the zoo. I want to go again! It was a really nice park! In a month the zoo is opening a new animal petting barn, a couple updated exhibits, and updating the splash park. Just in time for summer! I am grateful to Evelyn and Emily for taking turns watching my boys, Everett was especially clingy after I picked them up.

Amelia was super crabby and cranky ever since her birthday. It finally reached atomic levels on Thursday. I had to go decorate for a baby shower at the church. I took Everett (who would not let me leave without him) and Amelia. Phillip decided to come along, I said that was ok. Amelia went an walloped him in the face for trying to get in the van. Explosion. Total explosion. She was out of control. She earned a potty cleaning consequence and early bedtime. I made her stay home from school the next morning after she had another cheese and whine breakfast. She had to take a 2 hour nap with me. Everett got some iPad time and Evelyn took a nap as well. She seemed to change her tune after that. Maybe she just needed some snuggles. Mr Jeffers, the principal at South school, is one funny guy. He rides around town on a motorcycle with a sidecar...and two huge teddy bears. The kids adore him. Back to the shower decorating. Everett ran up to me every 10-15 minutes to hug my legs and tell me he "wuved me." Melt my heart. 

Amelia and I went to a baby shower for Sister George. She is having her first healthy baby after many years of heartache and loss. One game the ladies made me a toilet paper diaper...Amelia thought that was so funny. It was pretty funny. There was a ridiculous amount of food! Lots of cake and finger foods. We enjoyed yet another girl date!

It was warmer on this weekend. I am loving the bare legs and feet. Amelia helped water the grass. Everett took a turn with the hose and watered me, Evelyn, and Amelia...and the grass. I watered Everett. It was fun! Saturday I let the kids play in the sprinkler for a couple hours. The first time playing in the water after a long winter is magical.

I was reminded Saturday of how mindful the Savior is of me and our little family. Justin was gone half the day for Stake conference. It can be stressful while he is gone, especially when I am used to some help in the evenings. Saturday the kids did not fight and were so deferential and kind. I felt like super mom because I got all the kids fed, bathed, dressed, and to the church in time for the adult general session. Phillip gave his favorite Batman PJs to Everett without a bat of an eyelash. He usually complains when Everett wears his clothes. Now I realize it was the spirit tempering us so I could attend the meeting. We spent the session in the nursery where the kids played (mostly) quietly. The miracle extended after the meeting as well. I got the kids an ice cream treat. On the drive home I asked them to go in an get in bed. They did. They DID! I fed Evelyn her baby food, got her in bed, then went to sing my angels to sleep. Bless their little hearts. I actually felt stress free by the time Justin got home at 10:30. I feel very grateful for the small miracles like this, the Lord blesses us while Justin is about the Lord's business.

We enjoyed stake conference at the church on Sunday. It was broadcast like the adult session was. Justin was assigned to attend the meeting in Sidney as the stake representative. Once again, the kids were well behaved. I am loving that the kids last longer with just color books and crayons, well, and a couple fruit snacks for Everett.