22 June 2013

Pitting Cherries

Amelia went to a 3 day gymnasrics camp at Mrs Margaret's new studio. She was up at 6:30 dressed in a swimsuit ready to go. She learned how to roll, cartwheel, walk on a beam, and other fun new skills she can practice all summer. I somehow forgot to upload the gymnastics photos with this post. Now we are in Utah and away from my computer. With a forecast of 100 on Monday I decided on a trip to Sterling pool.  The weather was perfectly hot, the water cool and refreshing! All the kids did a great job with their floaties and staying in my line of sight. At first Everett was not so keen on the water, once he learned to trust his floatie he was a fish in water. 

Tuesday and Wednesday we watched RJ Wood while his dad worked and mom went to Girl's camp. Ironically, Phillip and RJ get along amazingly. They gang up on Everett. We played in the yard most of the day with the pool and hose. I found a swing at the consignment store that totally works hung from our tree. The swing is a huge hit! Wednesday evening Amelia helped me pit about 35 lbs of cherries. I froze them to use in smoothies, ice cream, and desserts. She loved to pit the cherries and help me sort the cherries. I enjoy those moments teaching how fun work can be. Wednesday the kids had a blast chipping toys frozen in large bowls of water. They used real hammers! I wished the fun lasted longer then 5 minutes. Justin installed a car top carrier on the van. It was a little frustrating for him to get it working correctly. He eventually used blunt force to get the left side hinges working. 

Thursday I worked on laundry and getting stuff packed for our trip. We had a fun picnic at the park with several friends. I wanted to drive to Bridgeport Lake but the weather was too cold and windy. Amelia lost her second tooth! She let me yank it out with dental floss. The tooth fairy paid her a visit! She was very, very excited and quite brave this time around. 

Friday was packing day. I am always amazed at the amount of stuff needed to go travel to Utah. This time I had to pack stuff for two weeks of regular vacation and then extra stuff for a week of camping. Phew! The car top carrier totally saved the day. Our plan is to stay the 15th-23rd of June with Charity, the 23rd June- 02 July between James and Miekka and Grandma/Grandpa's. The Lances are having a fun reunion in Idaho for 5 days of camping. Justin is driving back to Nebraska on the 22nd for work and church commitments. 

We left early Saturday morning for our long drive(s) to Utah. It was pretty uneventful! Amelia rode with Justin the last 3 hours of our trip. Cousin time is amazing! The kids went swimming for an hour or so before bedtime. Phillip and Everett just adore Mason. He played with them in the pool, so adorable. Reagan taught Amelia to flip off the side of the pool! 

Yesterday we drove down to my parent's home for a Father's Day dinner. Apparently my message only reached my mom. We walked in while dad was Skyping with John. He about dropped his teeth! I think this was the first Father's Day in 15 years I was home to enjoy some dad time. Joe made the most amazing waffles for dinner accompanied with juice, eggs, sausage, and potatoes. Dad showed us the progress made on his planned garage. He dug an impressive trench to hold conduit. I think the garage is due to go up within the next couple weeks. This evening Spenser, 
Laura, their 5 kids, plus Raquel and 2 kids are all due to arrive. Party!!!!