26 May 2009

Mia's Chores

Mia has three official chores! Her favorite chore is to clean the glass table with a rag and windex. I could spray the table 40 times and she wipe it 40 times and she would be happy as a lark. I love it! She also stands on her little stool and puts away the silverware. Her newest chore is helping Daddy clean the potty. This is part of her potty training regime. We are a long ways away but anything to get us closer is awesome. An unofficial chore she made for her self is to go through at least 3 outfits per day. Saturday she made mud pies in the gutter for 20 minutes. I love to let her do things that will develop her motor skills. Dirty is no problem now that we have a washer and dryer!!

Milestone: today she actually said part of the prayer, repeating phrases Justin dictated! She was just muttering her own prayers. I about melted!!