06 May 2012

Amelia's Ballet Recital


Houston: we have a performer. Yep, the results are in. Amelia is a total performer! Her first ballet recital was this afternoon. Yesterday she had a dress rehearsal in full costume. As I took her into the auditorium she stopped, gaping at the stage, "Mom, THAT is a real stage. All I need is a microphone and music. Think of all the beautiful things I could do." Hilarious! Mrs Margaret was a bit cranky, showing off her mean side. Most of the girls danced without much expression or emotion. That made me a bit sad because I know how much my girl loves to dance. Amelia's class went first. She did really well! On our walk home she told me that her eyelashes kept getting tangled together. I wish my lashes were as long and dark as hers.
Justin and I went to see the new Avenger's movie. It was amazing. I liked it better than Hunger Games. I wish the same director had also directed the other Avenger character movies.
Today was the recital. The theme was "A Year of Seasons." Amelia and her class danced a song in honor of Mother's Day: A Present for Mama. We left Everett at home (gasp) napping for 25 minutes while we went to the recital. Justin left with Phillip right after Amelia finished her dance. Phillip loved the dancing and music. He was quite enthusiastic when Amelia finally showed up on stage. She smiled in our direction, for my obviously large camera. Phillip and Amelia waved at each other until the music started. So cute! After the recital she was in raptures over the older girls who "danced almost as good as angels." Way to go Miss Mia!

Phillip's Impeccable Timing



Come hold me...NOW! 

Splash...What's going on?...Daddy!!!! 

We were visited by the flu bug this week. Tuesday night Amelia was up and chattering with me at odd hours of the night. I was really confused by her behavior...until she barfed all over the basement rug. She decided that her tummy felt better and proceeded to eat a large breakfast at 6 am. By preschool time she was still feeling better so we decided to try it out. I went over to Kelly's studio to help her stuff a new bean bag I made specifically for posing newborn babies. We had a model lined up to try out on the bag. Right as we started to pose the baby the phone rang. Poor Mia tossed her cookies at the park while the others were shooting off bottle rockets. I pulled over twice on the ride home for her to decorate the pavement. Poor kid! She ran a medium fever for the rest of the day and part of Thursday. Amelia slept from 3 pm until 6:30 the next day. I don't think she ever slept that much. I helped the YW with a fun sewing project, making Personal Progress fabric clutches. It was chaos! I take so many of my skills (thanks mom) for granted. Most of the girls had trouble measuring and cutting their fabric. Basics, teach the basics to your kids. While I was at the church Justin installed most of the broken part on our washer. I helped snap on the tension ring to finish the job. It was so nice to finally have a washer again with all the puke and diarrhea going on.

Thursday Amelia was feeling slightly better, a little feverish, not nauseous, still tired. It was Ella's birthday and she was set on visiting Ella. We drove out there for a fun morning visit with Alison and Ella. Phillip was not a fan of Deacon (the dog) at first. He mostly warmed up to him again. Alison showed me her cute office, the decorated basement, and her garden plot. She can have one heck of a garden if the weather cooperates. We stayed until Amelia reached her limit. She fell asleep in the car and took a long nap as well. I spent a lovely afternoon/evening planting some new plants from a mail-order gardening store. I planted 6 Raspberries, 4 Rose of Sharon, 2 Wiegala, 2 Hydrangea, 20 Stella de Oro, and 1 apple tree. Hooray! Can't wait to see it all grow.

Friday evening Phillip decided to start potty training. He went pee-pee in the potty all by himself! He finally earned a toy dragon as his first incentive for potty training. He will use the potty off and on with success. Today he went poop in the potty with no prompting. That earned the second dragon! He was rather excited when I gave him 6-7 skittles for using the potty as a reward. The candy was more exciting than the dragons. His timing is amazing. We are leaving for a vacation in 6 days. What an inopportune time to decide to use the potty. Hopefully, we can still teach him and not soil too many clothing while we are gone. Everett was so excited to splash around in the kiddie pool while I planted stuff. My favorite moment was when Justin came home. The look on his face was priceless! I finished sewing the Disneyland outfits for all the kids going next week from our family. That was fun. I made a couple visors for the boys since my craft room was a danger zone.