01 August 2008

Onion Layers

A couple years ago before drifting off to sleep I explained to Justin that I was like an onion: many layers of complexity but not as smelly. Another layer was exposed today.

Monday afternoon I noticed a sharp pain in my lower pelvic area. The pain stabbed me each time I turned or moved unexpectedly. Like a true Lance I ignored the pain and thought, "no pain, no gain." Last night the pain suddenly errupted into a radiating, pluse. Sleeping comfortably was not an option. So, I dreamed strange dreams. Once again the dream that we are going to have twin boys named Phillip (Justin's fav name) and Everett (my fav). Waking up in a cold sweat is never pleasant.

This afternoon I went to see my family doctor. He is a nice guy. After prodding me, asking embarrassing questions and exclaiming over my distended abdomen he concluded that my colon is having spasms. Wierd. Maybe it will all sort out in a couple more days. At the end of the appointment I asked him to write another prescription for Armour Thyriod. He looked at me funny and asked why not Synthroid.
*For those not part of our family we recently started thyroid treatment to offset a mitrochondrial depletion caused by my Mom's radiation therapy 50 years ago. Last September I met with my Dr, bringing a five page document explaining our reasoning, symptoms, and treatment. Dr looked at me like I had ten heads. I imagined him laughing his head off after the appointment. Fine. I ordered the needed medication off the internet from England and Mexico.*

Dr asked me to truthfully tell him why I did not consult with him. I said, "Well, you did not act like you believed in my situation, so I went another direction and self-medicated." I guess this answer was a first honest answer in a long time. He started laughing and said I was right and that we would start over. So maybe I do have an ally in my doctor after all.

Onion Layer revealed: bluntness

Hill Air Force Museum

Today we went to see the Air Force museum. The weather was REALLY hot at 102 degrees. When we got out of the car I felt the sun on my back as if my shirt were burned away. Justin and I waited for a while since Melissa, Jonathon, Spenser, Laura, and the kids were to met us. We finally gave up and went to the back hanger. Amelia was enthralled with all the shiny floors and neat swinging rope barriers. Justin looked at the planes while I tracked Amelia. Her new game is to get as far as she feels comfortable then run back saying mommy, mommy or daddy, daddy. Pretty cute! The museum closed about 15 minutes after the rest of our group arrived...which was about all the 3 year olds could handle any way.

We celebrated Libby-lou's 9th birthday in advance so Spenser and Laura could participate. Laura made Sweet and Sour chicken with fresh veggies and fruit. Swimming was next on Libby's special day. Amelia is becoming quite the fish. She LOVES the kiddie pool. Her new pool trick is to walk around unassisted. When she falls she waits underwater for someone to pull her up. Luckily, she knows how to blow out of her nose. After popping out of the water she is ready for more action. She will also kick her legs and try to swim! Oddly enough I didn't have my camera to take a video of her new skills.