21 May 2010

Picking Dandelions

Ella came over to play today...because Amelia decided to wear pannies. This morning she woke up at 6:30 and went to the doughnut shop with me. On our drive over she asked if Ella could come play today. My response was that only big girls who wear their pannies and use the potty can have friends over to play. She nearly took off her pull up right then and there. Consequently, we had no accidents today because she DECIDED to use the potty. Tomorrow I promised her that if she is a big girl we will go to the theater and watch a movie on a Mommy-Mia date. She is ever so excited. Our next incentive is that only big girls play at the park and go swimming (if it ever warms up) at the pool. We had a fun day playing out in the sunshine! I had the girls pick as many dandelions as possible from the yard next to ours. Their weeds are showing up now in our North yard. Grrrr. We made crowns, necklaces, and bracelets then had a throwing contest with the flowers.

Piano Recital

This evening my students performed in their first recital! I decided on a low-key family affair in my home where the students were comfortable playing the piano. I am soooooo proud of all my students. Each child performed two pieces except my oldest student who performed one song. At the beginning of the year we made an agreement that if they practiced at least 50 minutes per week they would earn a doughnut point. The maximum amount of doughnuts earned was four. Four out of five students earned four doughnuts and one student earned three. Most of their pieces were accompanied by me. I love how the Alfred system generally has the teacher play along. It helps the student learn to count and keep tempo tremendously well. After the recital my students received their plate of doughnuts. Then we ALL partook of delicious doughnuts and chocolate milk! The concert lasted about 10 minutes but we all chatted and visited for another 30 minutes or more. Short, sweet, and delicious. Excellent work guys....