27 March 2012

10 Months Old


Baby Everett is 10 months old now. He is turning into a pretty funny kid. His newest move is learning how to "say" no. He says the word with his entire body: zombie arms come up first, a gleam in his eye, the arms start to wave back and forth, then the entire body follows. He will mimic the action about 15 seconds after asked to say no. Last night he woke up around 10:20 mad as a hornet. I nursed him back to sleep then laid him down. Little bugger woke right up mad as can be. I picked him up after a couple minutes. He was loosely swaddled, I could tell he was desperately trying to get his zombie arms up in a very defiant "NO, Mom, don't you put me down!" I unswaddled him and laid him back down. His legs thumped on his mattress like a dolphin whose tail was beached. His entire crib was shaking as he thumped his legs and shook his zombie arms. It was a very LONG night for Everett and I. He would fall asleep then remember how mad he was and start up with a raging cry every 30-60 minutes. Tonight will be better!

He is doing much better on his tummy. He will tolerate up to 10 minutes now as long as he can reach stuff to play with. His favorite toy is the wooden bench, hammer, and shapes you can bang. Everett delights in banging things. He can get from a sitting position to his tummy when he wants to. Last night he was sitting about two feet from a juicy pear. Justin looked over to find Everett on his tummy with his face nestled in the pear chomping away. He can wave hi and bye like a champ, he also says hi and bye! Last week he said Amelia's name several times.

The biggest milestone is in the eating arena. He is self-feeding now. About mid-March he mastered the skills of chewing with his jaw! Everett's favorite foods are: cheese sticks, shredded cheese, raisins, bread, bananas, and ice cream. He is not so fond of eggs, avocados, and meat. I am still feeding him baby food once he finishes feeding himself to fill the holes in his tummy. Whenever I get a drink of water, he is usually sitting on my hip. He cranks his head around and tries to face me so he can look at my mouth from the bottom on the glass. Then he sticks out his tongue indicating that he wants a drink too. The little chap is pretty darn good and drinking from a cup.  

25 March 2012

Letters from Reagan


This week went by super fast and slow all at the same time. Switching up Amelia and Everett's beds was not so fun Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Amelia had no qualms about the move mostly because she still has her room for private time. She loves to be alone to read, draw, and play imaginary friend games. Once Everett adjusted to sleeping in his crib for naps and all night he really adjusted. Twice this week I got 6-7 hours of sleep! Hooray! He was not so happy for the first half of the week, nothing is more tiring than a grumpy and tired baby. Phillip developed another nasty rash around Thursday. I noticed he gets pretty cranky when the rashes break out. Not sure what causes the rashes or why he gets grumpy at the same time.
My peas are all about an inch or more tall! I am getting hungry for fresh garden peas. About two weeks ago I started eating better to get rid of my winter weight. I've been the same weight for about 7 years now, over the past 9 months I slowly gained 10 pounds. Bummer. I am eating a ton of veggies to reduce the urge for stressful snacking. Honestly, Phillip stresses me out a bit, a good cookie makes life seem a bit more bearable. I just need to substitute a veggie instead of cookie into that equation. The good news is that the extra pounds are slowly coming off. It helps that the weather is awesome and conducive for walks, yard work, and playing outside. My goal is to get back to where my body was happy for 7 years. Totally achievable.

Thursday was a rainy day. Miss Reagan James brightened our weather with a packet of lovely drawings for Amelia and Phillip. Phillip was impressed with his "pic-ure" featuring a dino, robot, and chameleon. Amelia was literally swooning over her princess monkey and pizza drawing. Reagan, girl, you rock! Amelia often sighs and drifts over to me, "Mom, guess what?...I miss Reagan...can we go tomorrow?" We do miss our family very much.

Every time I go down the basement stairs Phillip wants a back pack. He stands on the landing yelling, "pack-pack, mommy!" He wants a piggy back ride. This evening he asked me to scratch his "pack-pack" Amelia earned an entire quarter from Justin to pet the cutest little puppy ever. She was cowering in the "two stroller"  (aka double stroller) with her limbs safely hidden. Sometimes I want a dog just so my kids won't be so afraid of animals. Then I remember how much work my own kids are and how much I hate cleaning up poop. Done deal. Phillip is a "BIT" bull-headed. Every night he asks for strawberry milk in a sippy cup once placed in his crib. Every night I reply, "no strawberry milk, water?!" It must be a fun game for him. He also has potatoes growing out of his ears. He is immune to my voice. Little stinker. I will try sticking to one-letter commands like: down, stop, timeout, pants, room, etc. He cannot take sentences! Men! Most guys do better with simple commands too.

Saturday we worked on emptying the rocks and some dirt from the space around the side-yard tree. It looked so nice when we moved in but as the tree grew the roots started pushing the pavers all wonky. The kids were hurting themselves walking around the tree pavers when the pavers would suddenly pitch off the side. Justin glued the stones together and put back some of the filler rocks. It looks a bit more sturdy now.

Saturday afternoon Justin, Amelia and I went to the church for a baptismal service. Brayden Haley, and SIX other people were baptized. Five of the seven baptisms were convert baptisms! It was amazing! The missionaries found a guy living in Sidney who was baptized at 8 then fell away for many, many years. This father recently reactivated and received the Aaronic priesthood. He baptized his five teenagers. The last baptism was father baptizing son. The pair maintained eye contact during the baptismal prayer, that simple act was absolutely amazing to witness. Sidney is a pretty amazing town to live in. The ward we live in makes this town feel like home.

20 March 2012

St Patrick's Day


Amelia was super enthusiastic for St Patrick's Day. The kids woke up excited after camping in the tent with Justin. Once I reminded Amelia about the holiday she talked non-stop about the little men and St Pat-ri-cks day. Leprechaun and St Patrick's can be challenging to pronounce! Our family leprechaun was too tired Friday evening to cause mischief. Our leprechaun came around 11 am. He left green footprints on the potty seat and changed the water green also! When Amelia flushed the green changed to purple, then blue. That is one smart leprechaun...or maybe it forgot about the bleach tablet in the tank. The leprechaun made some mischief in Amelia's room too. He hung her pictures silly, spelled her name wrong, made her bed backwards, folded up her rug, put her stuffed animals on top of her house bed, covered her books with a blanket, etc. Amelia spent a delightful 10 minutes discovering his antics. She went straight to the basement and drew him a picture!

We went to Cabela's for a family outing. I got to try out a youth sized shot gun. It fits much better than the adult size. Pretty soon I'll have my own gun! I went to Walmart for my weekly trip during naps. Then I had a photo session out in Potter for prom. I rarely work with teenagers. I forgot how easily they embarrass! Four couples showed up for some photos. Fun times.

Little Everett looked so handsome on Sunday sporting a cute tie, white shirt, and khakis. I remember when Phillip wore the same outfit. Justin made me some amazing buttons from the lilac bush we cut down. I love the rustic wood button, especially for little boys. I taught RS third hour. That was fun! The ladies are a bit more into the lessons than our Nursery kids. Our lesson was on sustaining our leaders. One point the lesson drove home to me while I studied was this: there is an easy way to take our spiritual pulse. "Those who oppose and find fault will not find joy in their opposition. Those who criticize and seek to destroy the influence of the leaders of the Church will suffer the result of their wrong-doing." George Albert Smith. Simple and brilliant.

Yesterday I switched Amelia and Everett's beds. Amelia's room is still hers except for the crib in her room. Everett is starting to have troubles sleeping by himself. He is still swaddled and also sleeping in the basement half the time in the pack and play. I want to get him in his crib, sleeping mostly unswaddled. Time for a throw down. I will either move Mia into the Phillip's room permanently or move her back depending on how I like the arrangement. Moving two beds literally took me all day. Phew.

A couple days ago Everett spit a mouthful of sweet potatoes all over my Sunday clothes on the ride to church. I called him a "turd bucket." I am very grateful that Amelia misheard my explicative. She asked me what a "turtle bucket" was. LOL. She calls Phillip a turtle bucket every once in a while now.

17 March 2012

Side Yard Camping Adventure


About two years ago we invested in a large cabin tent from Cabela's. Justin put it up last night. It is NOT a Springbar tent. It took him 90 minutes to get it up. It was a bit confusing especially fitting the rain cover over the tent. He ended up getting the rain cover flipped so the front entrance oriented at the back window of the tent. Hopefully it will be easier next time. While he worked on the tent I made a picnic dinner of hamburgers, deviled eggs, and chips. Amelia declared I was the best girl chef ever. I still remember the evening before when she said that the food I cooked was gross...kids! Justin set up sleeping spaces for him and the kids. He got out his hobo stove and helped Amelia roast marshmallows. Amelia stuffed four marshmallows in her cheeks for fun! Chubby Bunny Face! Justin said the kids slept well out in the tent. Phillip had a hard time falling asleep and whined off and on all night (boy to I know about the night whining). What a fun diversion in our own home!

PS: I found a Perry the Platypus shirt at Salvation Army for Phillip next year. He will not take it off! It looks like a dress. So cute!

Treasure Hunt


We had preschool at the park yesterday. I organized a fun treasure hunt, St Patrick's style. The kids found green shamrock clues hidden all over the park. The treasure was hidden under a tree and not a rainbow. I think the leprechaun got a bit confused. We had green snacks to revive our energy for more playing after the hunt. It was spectacular! Everett spent most of the time on my back. He was so tired from missing his morning nap that he took a 4 hour afternoon one. Phillip was so excited to be included. He mimicked Zane and Will following them around like super heroes. Last week at our dinner date, Deb talked about how her kids complained about being hot outside and how they would just melt and sit in the shade. I had flashbacks to her comments when my Amelia did exactly the same. She practically put her hand on her forehead and fanned herself declaring it was too hot and she needed some refreshment before going on. I thought ok, Scarlett O'Hara!

Summer Weather in Winter


Today the temperatures were in the 80s. Ella came to play with us and join in our St Patrick's preschool party. After lunch the girls were flushed and hot...so...I pulled out the sprinkler for them. Soon the girls had every water retaining vessel lined up under the water. They spent a good hour and a half filling and refilling the largest bucket. It was awesome! Phillip joined in after his nap. He discovered the muddy grass was super fun to stomp around on. It is still winter. Crazy. Love it!