22 May 2011

These Little Piggies Went to Town

Alison came over yesterday afternoon to take me and my piggies to Sterling for a pedicure. The salon's here in Sidney won't massage my pregnant feet for some odd reason. It was nice to spend some time mono e mono with Alison. I don't think that has ever happened before. She accidentally texted another Justin asking him if she could take me to Sterling. Luckily, she called to confirm as well. We all chanced to met an hour before at Cabela's. We went just to get out of the house. Phillip LOVED the huge elephant this trip. My feet are very happy thanks to you Alison! Our lovely lilacs are starting to bloom. The air is filled with delicious perfume and color. Phillip twisted his chubby little ankle playing out on the yard. He crawled around for the rest of the night.

Friday Miss Ella came over to play. The girls collected and hid pastel chalk all over the sideyard pretending to play Easter. Phillip discovered a very full bird bath, taking a bath of sorts himself. I passed out on the porch swing oblivious to most everything around me. It was pretty pathetic. Amelia crashed into the piano bench giving herself a big fat lip, bruised teeth, and some scabs showing Justin ballet spins. She perked up with a popsicle and snuggles. Lauren came over to watch the kids while we had dinner with Alison and Matt at the Smuin's home. Megan Smuin is my VT companion. I do not know her husband very well so it was nice to spend an evening with everyone. Matt can bring out personalities like no other. He soon had Shane telling stories and such. Megan prepared kabobs and baklava (sheesh, that was good baklava). Alison made a delish salad. I brought fresh hummus and tabbouleh. Yummy!

Thursday the kids spent the morning with Rose, Grace, and Lily. Phillip did not cry at all once he discovered their dog, Duncan. Duncan is small but a tad bit faster than Phillip. The two were pretty funny to watch. Phillip kept trying to cuddle Duncan by dog piling him. Duncan evaded and Phillip ended up with an arm full of carpet. Amelia can't wait to go back for an Ariel makeover with Lily. I spent the morning photographing a tiny newborn girl. Her blog post will be up soon. Most of the props came from the baby's room. I love it when clients bring meaningful props with them. My new book club met for the first time on Thursday evening. Alison, Rose, Alaina, and Janet attended our first meeting. We read Ben Behunin's book, Remembering Isaac. The gals sipped on mint tea and dined on warm pear strudel. Yum! Can't wait for our next meeting in June.

I am still not feeling very well. The dr confirmed I am running a low grade fever of 99 degrees. Not sure why the nausea, headaches, and fatigue suddenly popped up so close to delivery. I must say this pregnancy was much harder than Amelia's or Phillip's. I can't seem to get up my gumption to accomplish much during the day. Phillip senses my relaxed guard so clutters every room as fast as possible. Hey, nothing is blowing up so we are doing fine. LOL. This week I put fans in everyones bedroom. Phillip screamed between 3-7 am the first night, between 2:30-5:30 the second night, and an hour or so the third night. He is doing better now sleeping all night but still getting up at 6:30. I just ignore him until 7:00, when I feel more ready to get out of bed. He was mostly sleeping through the night before but would get up once or twice just to have me cover him or pat his back. Amelia actually woke me up because her pant leg was over her knee, another night because her slipper fell off. The new rule is when the fan is on no crying allowed unless you are close to dying. Ha, we will see how long that lasts.