11 June 2012

Everett scooting around

 Everett sits up by himself

The Weekend


Justin misses me. He misses me soooooo much he sent me yellow roses. Gorgeous YELLOW roses...my favorite. The flowers smell amazing. I buckled the roses into the passenger seat on Saturday, they smelled a bit better than Justin did. Still those roses will not pass for my Justin man. Even if he smells funny sometimes. The flowers made me a bit more homesick. Only 9 more days to go. Libby helped me pick out a cute new swim suit. The last time I bought a swim suit (non maternity) was 5 years ago, when Amelia was born. Ca-ute! The kids enjoyed an afternoon of swimming and sun. I made a delish salsa and Mexican beef dish for dinner. Salsa on a hot day is food of the gods.  My good friend Jessica met with with us after dinner to play at the splash pad. I took her daughter's photos after playing. The last time I photographed Aubrey was when she was a bitty 6 months old. Now Aubrey is almost 4. She looked pretty adorable. After photos we went for some frozen yogurt. The yogurt shop was next door to the Kangaroo Zoo. Amelia pined in front of the window, sighing and carrying on: "I remember when Grandpa took us here, sigh, it was wonderful, sigh, I wish grandpa was here to take me again, sigh....Mom, we ARE going tomorrow!...sigh" Hilarious. That girl can throw theatrics with the best of Broadway performers. She could be the next Anne of Green Gables. 

Saturday dawned windy and cold. I decided to take all the kids to Kangaroo Zoo (thanks Amelia) for a couple hours. We met up with my friend Jessica again to play some more. Amelia only showed up for a drink and snack half way through. Phillip was a constant blur of activity. Mason scraped his elbow early off, the lustur of the fun wore off rapidly. The kids wore themselves out playing. My kids and I met my old boss, Casey for lunch at Kneaders. You might be thinking: weird. Well, she was my boss...now a true friend. We had a great time swapping stories until my kids were glassy-eyed and bored. 

Sunday. I drove to James and Miekka's home for the day and night. Went to sacrament meeting with them then took the boys to their home for naps. Phillip had other ideas, napping not one of them. He donned Harry Potter glasses and watched church videos. Everett learned how to sit up from his stomach! He scoots all over the place now with a really strange scoot. I will share a video! I had to put long socks on his legs since he was getting carpet burn on his calves. The kid also teethed two more top teeth for a total of four top and two bottom teeth! Way to go champ! James made spaghetti for dinner. John and Court brought apple crisp for dessert. We dined. I was pretty cranky. The kids were cranky. Glad to see Sunday over. 

Miekka watched my kids this morning so I could go shopping alone. I was a shopping fiend. Went to Ross, Michael's, Kohls, Quilt Etc, Quilted Bear, Ikea, and Walmart in less than 4 hours. Now I am watching her kids while she goes shopping alone. Glad that is done and checked of my list of things to do before I leave. 

School Lunch


Wednesday through Friday the kids and I went to Washington Elementary in Bountiful for school lunch. We enjoy going somewhere for free food! Amelia loves the idea of practicing how to do lunch before she starts kindergarten. Goodness, the kids get a ton of food! The food has to stay in the cafeteria so more than half the food is thrown away. After lunch we go play at the school parks. It is so much fun!!! 

Thursday I met Joe and Jeff for dinner at Zupa's. Joe recommended making an Italian soda with sprite, raspberry, blackberry, and vanilla syrup. It was delish. Jeff was accepted to start working his new job! He started on Saturday. Jana watched the kids for me while I photographed the family of a girl I went to High School with back in Fayetteville. Freyja and her husband adopted three beautiful girls with special needs. They are amazing. Makes my lot of three kids seem tame now. I enjoyed their humor, a necessity of parenthood. I drove Jana's car to the session. Felt strange to have no roomy van or screaming kids. I listened to the CD Jana had playing. Strange. Really strange. 

The Short of Things


Monday and Tuesday were pretty stressful/emotional days for us. After 25 days of not being home and settled into a schedule we hit a knot in our rope to slither around. Charity was super stressed being at home and trying to convalesce with me and my three active kids. All she wanted was to be at home and feeling normal again with her hubby and kids. Being together 24/7 was just too much for the both of us. I moved our stuff to my Mom's home in Taylorsville early Tuesday morning. We took a day to be alone before going back to help out. It was a good trial run for Charity! Amelia was super sick too so I needed time to get her seen by a doctor and medicated. Monday afternoon Amelia started throwing up and running a 104.5 fever. She had a crazy mottled rash all over her torso too. I needed some help quick with Phillip and Everett. My brother Jeff came to the rescue. He watched the boys while Amelia and I went to instacare and Walmart for necessities. Amelia had Strep. I opted for a shot instead of dealing with antibiotics for 10 days. She was pretty brave. We were all very tired! The rest of the day we spent laying around watching movies and playing quietly. Phillip fell asleep on Mom's computer chair. Amelia said nothing tasted very good anymore. I took a look at her tongue the next day. Half her taste buds were inflamed and sore. No wonder! Poor kid. 

Tuesday night Amelia murmured to me around 11 pm that she felt really hungry sleeping in Punkle Jared's bed...it smelled like her favorite chips: burritos (Doritos). LOL. Gotta love that. Everett got a hair cut! He looks like a shorn lamb now. Phillip drew all over his face with a black permanent marker. It lacked a mustache so I added one just for kicks. We are enjoying spending some time with Aunt Jana in the evenings.