15 June 2011

Our Sweet Little Guy

Kelly Highby invited Everett over to her studio for some fun last week once she found out I was not getting the results I wanted. Everett tends to be a little fussy when I pose and photograph him (grrrr). He even gave Kelly a run for her money. It took her almost an hour to settle him down enough to get some sleepy shots. We both had to hold down his limbs for a good long while! I've never seen a newborn poop as much as Everett did! He messed up two white blankets and several other towels and my shirt. That first pose was not a favorite for him. By the time we decided to take him outside it was only 60 degrees outside. He fell fast asleep in the pose above once left alone. I carried the platter outside feeling like an Egyptian priestess carrying an offering to Amun. I covered and uncovered him in between the shots. I love the lion one! Giggle. Yep, made that little number! It is MUCH easier to work with a newborn that is NOT your own. Phillip was an exception, that kid was so sleepy and poseable. Sigh.