24 May 2010

Perfect Day

Saturday was glorious! It was a day all about family, good weather, and memories. I left at 7:55 am to peruse a couple garage sales, nothing too awesome this week. I mostly found men's shirts to repurpose into knit pants for Phillip, a pair of shoes, some jewelry, a fun basket, and a pasta maker. Right after my alone time I went home and picked up Amelia to go to the church. Our canning order arrived from Cheyenne so we had a ward food storage morning. Within 45 minutes and lots of help we packaged 50 lbs of macaroni, 50 lbs of spaghetti, 100 lbs of white flour, 50 lbs of pinto beans, and 70 lbs of fruit juice mix. I also ordered 200 lbs of sugar and an extra bag of white flour! The items barely fit in my trunk. I sure appreciate all the help. Justin arrived just as we finished up with Phillip. After lunch we filled up Amelia's little pool with a full 3 gallons of hot boiling water to warm up the water and hose water. She had a blast sliding into the water and splashing around. Phillip wore the cutest overalls and new bucket hat (found at a garage sale). Course, I had to take lots of pictures. Justin worked on filling the sprinkler hole and tinkering around. We love our new yard. It is heaven to have a gorgeous tree, green grass, a swing to sit on, and a small patio.

Once the kids were all tuckered out I convinced Justin to go to a fun little garden center a couple miles away from town. The folks there have several green houses each specializing in different types of plants, like sun annuals, shade annuals/perennials, shrubs, etc. I picked out pretty flowers for 4 planter arrangements around the porch area. I also found vegetable plants to replace those that I started from seed but died when transplanted. All around the property is an amazing landscaped garden. Amelia loved running up and down the paths finding little nooks and crannies filled with flowers and animal life. Her favorite discovery were two frogs. We made a Walmart run right after to get potting soil. Ahhhh, my hands were blessedly covered in dirt potting my new beautiful plants.

Justin BBQ'd chicken using a Paula Dean recipe for dinner. It was really, really tasty! The day ended with a trip for ice cream. Although the heat of the day went from 90 down to 50 in the matter of an hour or so.

My companion and I visited one of our ladies last night for visiting teaching. I think we finally struck a deeper friendship with her. She opened up to us about some of her concerns much to our relief. Now I hope we can help resolve her concerns and deepen her testimony in the gospel. She feels very isolated in Primary, which I readily agree with. Serving in Primary is like going to church on the dark side of the moon. Don't misunderstand me, I love my calling and serving in the Primary, but we rarely get the announcements, clip board, etc until the moment has passed. I miss being around all the awesome ladies in Relief Society on a weekly basis.

Today we had record winds of near 70 MPH as a front or two raced around us. I was soooo worried about my little plants. It appears most survived. We stayed inside until the wind died down after supper.