20 March 2012

St Patrick's Day


Amelia was super enthusiastic for St Patrick's Day. The kids woke up excited after camping in the tent with Justin. Once I reminded Amelia about the holiday she talked non-stop about the little men and St Pat-ri-cks day. Leprechaun and St Patrick's can be challenging to pronounce! Our family leprechaun was too tired Friday evening to cause mischief. Our leprechaun came around 11 am. He left green footprints on the potty seat and changed the water green also! When Amelia flushed the green changed to purple, then blue. That is one smart leprechaun...or maybe it forgot about the bleach tablet in the tank. The leprechaun made some mischief in Amelia's room too. He hung her pictures silly, spelled her name wrong, made her bed backwards, folded up her rug, put her stuffed animals on top of her house bed, covered her books with a blanket, etc. Amelia spent a delightful 10 minutes discovering his antics. She went straight to the basement and drew him a picture!

We went to Cabela's for a family outing. I got to try out a youth sized shot gun. It fits much better than the adult size. Pretty soon I'll have my own gun! I went to Walmart for my weekly trip during naps. Then I had a photo session out in Potter for prom. I rarely work with teenagers. I forgot how easily they embarrass! Four couples showed up for some photos. Fun times.

Little Everett looked so handsome on Sunday sporting a cute tie, white shirt, and khakis. I remember when Phillip wore the same outfit. Justin made me some amazing buttons from the lilac bush we cut down. I love the rustic wood button, especially for little boys. I taught RS third hour. That was fun! The ladies are a bit more into the lessons than our Nursery kids. Our lesson was on sustaining our leaders. One point the lesson drove home to me while I studied was this: there is an easy way to take our spiritual pulse. "Those who oppose and find fault will not find joy in their opposition. Those who criticize and seek to destroy the influence of the leaders of the Church will suffer the result of their wrong-doing." George Albert Smith. Simple and brilliant.

Yesterday I switched Amelia and Everett's beds. Amelia's room is still hers except for the crib in her room. Everett is starting to have troubles sleeping by himself. He is still swaddled and also sleeping in the basement half the time in the pack and play. I want to get him in his crib, sleeping mostly unswaddled. Time for a throw down. I will either move Mia into the Phillip's room permanently or move her back depending on how I like the arrangement. Moving two beds literally took me all day. Phew.

A couple days ago Everett spit a mouthful of sweet potatoes all over my Sunday clothes on the ride to church. I called him a "turd bucket." I am very grateful that Amelia misheard my explicative. She asked me what a "turtle bucket" was. LOL. She calls Phillip a turtle bucket every once in a while now.