24 March 2011

Kaitlyn's Blessing

Grandpa Call woke everyone up each morning with delicious bacon, sausage, pancakes/french toast, and fresh fruit. He LOVED serving breakfast to all the little ones, savoring each good morning and kiss. I loved his joy received from such a simple service! Sunday morning was no different! We had a delicious breakfast and rushed to get ready for church. We drove up to Ogden where Melissa and Jonathon live. Kaitlyn wore a cute crocheted bunting and a vintage dress, I am guessing she wore Melissa's blessing dress. Jonathon gave little Kaitlyn a wonderful blessing. After church we gathered the family to mark the occasion with a photo. I wanted to kick Charity for hiding on purpose behind Libby! Charity...you are in big doo-doo. Phillip handed out knuckles whenever possible. Don't you just adore his orange tie? Handsome boy! My belly popped out even more the past week. Sleeping is difficult now that the baby is determined to kick my insides black and blue.

Charity arranged to have a luncheon at their community center. Everyone chipped in for a delicious meal. I made a berry salad to die for. Thanks to Madison for the recipe:

1 large container of vanilla yogurt
1 package of dry instant vanilla pudding

mix together until pudding is moist and not lumpy

add 1 container of whipped cream
3 bags of frozen berries (I added three small bags of raspberries and one medium bag of mixed berries)

Let sit until berries are defrosted in the mixture, serve and marvel!

After lunch the siblings, minus Justin who HAD to nap, sat around and told stories. Honestly, I was in sort of a sleep daze myself but enjoyed the stories and banter in my quiet way. The kids snuggled and watched Tangled again down in the basement. Scott and Spenser told stories about when they were in store robberies. Scary! Little Anson wandered off to do what little 18 mth old boys do: make trouble. He opened a child-proof bottle of children's Tylenol and consumed between 18 and 20 tablets. Scared his poor mother to death. Needless to say little Anson was not so happy afterward. My son can open anything labeled child-proof faster than a speeding bullet as well. Those two little boys are peas in a pod. So cute.

Kangaroo Zoo

Grandpa and Grandma Call treated all the kids with a visit to Kangaroo Zoo. Phillip decided to teethe his other three molars during our vacation. He did not sleep well at all. Saturday morning found him and I driving around Bountiful between 5:30 and 7:30 am. I took the back roads and tried to figure out the new DVD system. After another long drive later that morning he finally took a short nap, long enough to enjoy Kangaroo Zoo. The zoo is pretty much a huge space filled with huge bounce house figures. Amelia and Phillip played in one house for most of the time. The other houses were too scary with dinosaurs, teeth, and tigers on top. Phillip loved climbing and sliding around inside the bounce house. Phillip strangely had a fever on the left side of his face. He was not happy until a dose of Ibuprofen kicked in. I still can't get over how long and skinny little Kaitlyn's fingers are. She is so tiny! The girl cousants (how Amelia says cousins) snuggled down to watch Tangled after playing at the zoo. The adults took a nice breather. I got to do a little solo shopping at the grocery store before dinner.

Utah Trip March 2011

Justin and I were SOOOOO grateful that we purchased and drove the new Swagger Wagon out to Utah. Heaven! We left at 4 am on Wednesday. Most of the drive Justin battled a raging wind. We drove directly to Wellsville, UT to visit my Grandparents for a couple hours. Amelia was so happy to learn that I have a grandpa named Everett, just like her baby brother. I am so glad we made the time to stop in. Phillip and Amelia sure brought them a measure of joy for the time we could visit. Between James, Miekka, John, and Courtenay a nice little dinner was ready for the family when we arrived. Amelia and Jakes hit it off right away, playing outside in the rain.

Thursday morning we ran a couple errands and visited with Courtenay. I got to peruse Pictureline Photography Store for a few moments. Scored a sweet external hard drive! Justin enjoyed eating lunch at Pei Wei. Courtenay and I even got to visit a cute fabric store and Down East Outfitters. Amelia had her Disney Princess CD player (toy) hung around her neck. She danced for any person willing to watch her twirl. Little Everett is about the cutest boy ever. He is so easy going and has the cutest little raspy laugh. We drove up to Charity's home for the big family party. After dinner everyone drove to watch Mason's basketball game. Baby Kaitlyn was the little star of the show letting anyone snuggle her. Amelia was in heaven to be with Reagan. The kids played farm on the stadium seats, Reagan the band leader. I love that Amelia wore a Cinderella dress to the game. Phillip quickly learned how to yell Mason's name, trying to cup his hands around his mouth.

Friday we spent a couple hours with Mia's Kate friend. Jeff, her dad, installed the new dash system and pulled wires for the van DVD system. The monitor did not arrive in the mail until later on that day. The guys did as much as possible with the available equipment. Jeff took us across the street for yummy sandwiches at a little cafe for lunch. Catherine had to work so the closest I came to visiting with her was to crochet part of a baby bootie she started. The kids rolled down the hill for a good half hour then played princess. Justin later went back after bedtime and got the rest of the monitor system installed. He made it back to Charity's after midnight. Spenser, Laura, and kids arrived shortly before four on Friday. All those little girls were so cute and fun to watch. Amelia and Anna chummed about whilst the older girls formed a cute trio. Grandpa and Grandma Call got hugs and kisses galore. I almost cried watching all the family chatting, visiting, and having a wonderful crazy time.