06 January 2010

New Studio Props

He he! Justin declared my new faux floor completed yesterday! I tried it out this afternoon during Mia's nap. I am in LOVE with the floor and my cute boy. Dontcha love his cute hat? It was super windy all day blowing snow and ice around. We made a trip out for Phillip's 4 mths appointment. He weighs 13 lbs even, and is 25.5 inches long! The doctor referred me to an eye doctor in Sterling for Phillip's goopy eye. After 3 months of massaging it his eye should not still have a blocked tear duct. The eye doctor will clear his duct on Monday. I am excited to be done with the nasty eye boogers. That is the first thing people notice: "ohhh, he has a goopy eye, let me clean it." Errrr. I included a picture without a hat so you can admire his hair growth!

I am irritable due to operating on 5 hours of sleep, exercising over an hour a day, and a diet change. Mostly I just want to go to sleep. Too bad it is Justin's busy season. He leaves at 8 and gets back around 9 pm, not coming home for lunch most days. I need some adult conversation.