18 August 2008

Amelia's Dancing Shadow

Saturday seemed like a long day! I had a photoshoot at 1 pm that went until 3 pm, it was exhausting but very fun.

We heard about a South American Cultural Fair in Bountiful so we went to check it out. Justin was very excited there was a Columbian food booth serving Arepas. I ate Arepas on my mission as well so the treat was well savored. Other than the Arepas the fair was sort of lame. Much to South American style the party did not really pick until after 7:30 pm. We only stayed a couple minutes but passed the park again 90 minutes later to see dancers performing and loud music.

We walked around the Bountiful Temple enjoying the clear view of the valley and teaching Amelia about "our" temple. She discovered her shadow and was delighted when it danced when she did. Click on the video!

Aunt Charity invited us over to play for a little while. Amelia toddled around after her cousins playing with sidewalk chalk. We love our cousins!