08 November 2008

We're Home

We arrived safely home shortly after noon. A taxi took us to the airport around 9:30 pm on Friday. The flight was relatively uneventful with two exceptions. First, Amelia was so exhausted by midnight that she cried herself to sleep on the floor of the airplane. A flight attendant came around telling me that placing our baby on the floor was not a good idea. LOL, it was NOT my idea. Amelia did not want to be held in any form, so she sobbed on the floor. The second exciting feature of our flight came the last 10 minutes of the flight. Amelia ralphed all over herself and me. Her aim was impeccable...most of the throw up went down my shirt front and pants. So much for our plan to make a celebratory visit to Del Taco. We were both so nauseuos from the fumes we did not eat anything until about an hour ago. Maybe we all have a flu. I fashioned a toga to wear through the airport using an airline blanket. Good times! I will update my blog soon with details of our Jerusalem trip. We are glad to be home; though it seems small now after Dad and Mom's HUGE home and everyone's company.