14 November 2009

Happy Birthday to Justin

34 Reasons to Appreciate Justin

1. is funny
2. provides for us
3. puts up with my creative ideas
4. loves his kids
5. loves God
6. upholds his priesthood
7. took me to the temple and married me for time and eternity
8. loves bacon
9. has a healthy appreciation for sleep
10. is humble (always apologizes first)
11. is well educated
12. loves to road bike
13. will work if power tools are present
14. will travel to remote places
15. loves funny movies (like Nacho Libre)
16. served a faith promoting mission
17. is a wonderful father
18. has a sense of fashion, more so than I
19. no longer snores (yipee)
20. eats the food I make, even peas
21. followed the promptings to move to remote Sidney
22. loves his job and is good at it
23. plays with his kids...I love watching him coo with Phillip
24. likes to listen to diverse types of music
25. tries to put his shoes away
26. lets me photograph him professionally at least once a year
27. watches the military, discovery, and history channels
28. loves odd facts
29. likes spam and canned cheese products
30. is extremely humble
31. loves to push my buttons
32. cares for the welfare of those in our close family and friends
33. loves this country and the constitution (especially laws relating to accounting and guns)
34. has more head lamps than one person should have; he got a head lamp for his birthday

I am not very cheesy lately...at least lovey dovey cheesy. Miekka may disagree! I love my husband. I am glad he was born, grew up mostly normal, and ended up marrying me. We have a fun time poking each other's buttons. Due to previous experiences before we met the circumstances of our relationship are nothing short of miraculous. We deserve each other...the good and bad. Our family genealogies intertwine most interestingly. His great-grandfather gave my grandma her patriarchal blessing, my great-great-great-great grandfather baptized Anson Call, and on and on. He is a good man. Glad I met and married you "hon." Hope you have a wonderful birthday tomorrow! The plans include: going to church, making a cake, having two families over for dinner, eating "death by pork product", and letting Amelia open his presents.