02 March 2012

Buzz Lightyears



Busy Days

Monday was a BUSY day for us. The boys and I went to the medical center right after Amelia left for preschool. Phillip saw an allergist from Denver who was visiting the clinic. Phillip has really itchy, flaky, and dry skin on parts of his body. He constantly drips from his nose even while on Zyrtec. The Dr ordered an allergy poke test to eliminate possible environmental and food allergies. I was so proud of Phillip! He sat on my lap for 15 minutes and let me hug him while the assistant poked him and then waited for the results. As of yet he is not allergic to any of the items tested. The Dr ordered daily baths, using $60 lotion (for 3 oz), and claratin. I hope he will not get worse as spring and summer come. Phillip weighed in at 31 pounds! The boys and I then headed across the hall for Everett's 9 mth appt. Those stats were mentioned in his 9 mth post.

Tuesday was crazy busy. The gals Meagan and I visit teach came over for lunch at noon. I made Caprese panini sandwiches and a crostada. Meagan brought yogurt and fruit. We enjoyed visiting over lunch. Before and after the lunch I worked on setting up my studio for a newborn baby photoshoot. Around 10:30 I decided I HAD to have a pioneer bonnet for the photoshoot. I am so glad the bonnet worked. The Grunig family welcomed a darling baby girl, Myra May last week. Myra was busy eating until almost 3 pm. I got in a couple photos of her before my piano students arrived. Madison brought Myra back around 8:40 pm so I could finish up her photos. I hardly sat down all day long. That was the same night Everett discovered his tongue! Wednesday morning I was beat down tired.

Still, had to gather my wits to conduct a fun morning of preschool. Phillip jolted me out of my reverie. I walked into my room to find him dancing in his underpants (backwards) in front of the mirror. I saw a pure glimpse into his little boy mind...then laughed and laughed until I could not squeak another laugh out. Oh! Phillip. What a funny boy. Preschool was super fun! We learned about the letter Ii and ice cream. The kids used wax conte crayons to color "I" and "i" on a white sheet of paper then watercolor over the wax to reveal their handwriting. I ordered some instant snow off the internet last week. The kids played in the instant snow for a good 40 minutes. We rounded off the time making ice cream in an ice cream ball. We rolled the ball as we played duck, duck, ice cream.

Thursday we rested a bit from all the fun. Bryn spent the day with us while her mommy helped serve lunch at a funeral. We went to McDonalds for lunch, ran errands, and then watched a movie at home. I taught Camille her 5th sewing lesson. We made a cute iPod purse this week. Last week she made a doggy bed for her new cute puppy. Camille is a pro at threading her machine and bobbin. We are working on controlling the fabric and not sewing too fast. I am enjoying the challenge of teaching sewing lessons! Our family took a turn cleaning the chapel. Amelia was very helpful and cleaned blackboards with water and a rag. Phillip pushed around an empty mop bucket, collecting scraps of paper. I made 15-20 pounds of playdough after the kids went to bed.

For preschool we practiced writing our letter "Ii" with some worksheets. The rest of the time the kids played ice cream shop. I made three kinds of playdough, chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla. The dough smelled like ice cream too! I found some cute Easter buckets to use as ice cream buckets. I set up the lemonade stand, put down one of my fake floors, arranged the play table and chairs, and got out the monopoly money. Amelia and Ella helped me get the scene set up. Phillip ended up staying during preschool. He really enjoyed playing along with the kids. I assisted Kelly with a newborn photoshoot at her studio right after preschool. We tried some new poses that are NOT easy to accomplish like the "potato sack" pose. I will try to upload a photo...if I remember.

Tasting the Air

Everett discovered how to stick out his tongue late Tuesday evening. He stay up until 11:45 practicing his new skill. He took a three hour nap then continued to practice off and on the rest of the night. Since he was not actually sleeping he got to lay next to me. I'd wake up every time he flicked out his tongue. Once or twice I touched his tongue and waited for a reaction. His breathing changed and he would try to flap around. The last photo on this post reminds me so much of Amelia. She has a long pointy tongue and made the same faces at about the same age!