01 November 2013

Evelyn at Two Months Old


I am a bit late writing this post. Halloween got the better of me this year. All the photos were taken a couple days before, the one in the onesie the day of, and the rest the day after. She is filling out, now sporting cute cheeks and chubby legs. I can't get in enough kisses during the day. She is the best little newborn. She is sleeping through the night about every other night or so. That is a blessing. Evelyn is starting to recognize us from more than 6 inches away. She coos in the sweetest little voice. Phillip loves her so much. He is constantly wanting to hold her. If he is not holding her his face is about two inches from her nose. The boys have flipped her out of the bouncy seat twice in the past four days...I got it out four days ago. I think the bouncy seat is going back to storage. She got her first bruised head from Phillip this week. He smacked the closet door open right on her left temple. Evelyn will grow up a tough little cookie if her brothers have any say in the matter.

As of Friday the 22nd, she weighed 11 lbs 7 oz, landing her in the 48th percentile. She measured 22.25 inches, the 25th percentile in height. She seems so much bigger, which compared to Mia she is quite a bit bigger. I got out the 3-6 mth clothes and took out the one-piece outfits. Those always seems to fit a size smaller.