28 June 2008


I must have the worst sinus infection...ever. It started on Tuesday when I rode my bike. The wind kicked up some allergen that caused a nasty allergy reaction. By Friday my upper face hurt so bad I wanted to bash my head into a wall because that would feel better. I took myself to Instacare this morning to pay a doctor to tell me what I already know...Mommy is sick!!! When blood is pouring out of your sinuses that is NOT a good sign. To get better one is supposed to rest. Well, sleeping is about the most uncomfortable position of all. Even reclining was causing enough pain to make my eyes water. So, I stand or remain upright. I heart amoxicillian. Make me better!!! I attached a humorous self-portrait of myself. It was too much work to rearrange the smile on my face and squnich my eyes.