24 April 2012

Look who is "25"!!!


I am about to cry a tear right now! My little baby girl is turning five years old today. The age of 5 heralds some life changing milestones in our Amelia's life. She will start kindergarden in August. It seems so surreal! When we moved to Sidney here she was 21 months old. She is one amazing little girl. She still gives me the same look that she did when only a couple minutes old. Right after she was born the nurse put her on my chest...Amelia reared up her head and made eye contact. The look she gave me was one of wisdom and recognition. We called her little bird for the first little while due to her strength. This girl was not missing a moment of life. Sleep was something that caused her to miss out on what was going on around her. Thus she was a horrible sleeper. She finally started sleeping through the night around the beginning of the year. If she gets scared I often wake up to knees in my back as she snuggles into my side. Last week she went around telling everyone she was turning 25 on her birthday. She got the 25th of April mixed up with her age. I think she might be closer to the truth! Five going on 25.

Amelia has one heck of an imagination. She loves music and dancing. Our home is filled with Amelia's voice as she sings, plays the piano, or dances to music. Her love of music started when she was just a wee baby. Since we put Amelia and Phillip together I love to listen to them converse over the baby monitor after we leave the room. She is constantly singing him songs, telling stories, and being bossy. Phillip usually ignores her.

Amelia is one heck of a kid. We love her dearly and enjoy teaching her how to govern her wiles and wills. Whenever I feel tested by her I just remember the look she gave me in the hospital. At times I remember the look and think that maybe she was really telling me: "Buckle up lady! You are in for a wild ride that will test all your beliefs and theories in one swoop of my little finger." I laugh and hug her, finding those illusive tickles that make the merriest of music to my ears! Hearing her laugh is the best medicine to my mommy heart. We love our Amelia Jean Call.

PS: Amelia is a total poser. I created a monster. She was H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S during our little photo shoot. She would strike a pose, bat her eye lashes, and then change the pose once she hear my camera snap. Most of her poses made her look pretty silly and contorted.