02 January 2011

Ring out the Old, Ring in the New

2010 was an amazing year filled with many memories for our family. I had the hardest time only picking one photo per month. Enjoy this short recap of the year.

Jenni entered a Biggest Loser weight contest, lost only 5 lbs.
Amelia shows an interest in playing dress-up, painting, playing tea party
Started Phillip on solid foods
The Taylor family came for a visit over Valentine's Day weekend
My computer crashed
Visited Utah to see my Mom and brothers visiting from Amman, Jordan
Organized several Montisorri activities for Amelia
Sarah Johnson came for a short day visit
Phillip sits by himself
Enjoyed a quiet Easter at home
Debbie, Jeremy, and Jared visit
Justin's parents visit for a couple days
Amelia turned 3
Potty training for Amelia begins
Jenni participates in a craft fair
Justin bags two turkeys
First piano recital
Helped the Titus family brand their calves
Family vacation to Mt Rushmore
Endured nasty storms, hail and garden destroyed for the third time
Visited Utah, mostly with the Call family
My new camera (Canon 7d) arrives
Phillip crawls
Weathered a tornado
Charity & Melissa stopped for a visit on their way back to Utah from Virginia
Went horse back riding
Cheyenne Co Fair
Visit the Riverside Zoo
Jenni turns 33
Kid's enjoy the "beach" at the Great Salt Lake
Visit Utah to photograph little Everett and visit with the Lance family
Phillip turns 1
Jenni discovers she is expecting a new baby
Amelia starts Preschool
Phillip cruises around furniture
Phillip's first buzz cut
Justin enjoys some duck hunting
Visit the Denver temple with the kids
Amelia is Strawberry Shortcake and Phillip is a Monkey for Halloween
First snow
Justin shoots his first deer
Phillip walks
Justin turns 35
Thanksgiving at the church
Amelia and Ella see Tangled dressed as Princesses
Second piano recital
Justin and Jenni build a playhouse
Kids are coaxed into giving their binkies to the baby elves on Christmas Eve
Justin and Jenni celebrate 6 years of marriage