23 August 2009

Last Pregnancy Photo

I decided to take a picture of my belly at 40 weeks in the same outfit I had on at 36 weeks. Not much of a difference...my belly is a little lower (thank goodness) and a smidge bigger. I am glad to have an induction date. Like with Amelia I had some early labor that stopped. This whole week I only had about 6 hours of minor labor. I am glad he will be born on the 25th, to keep with our family's pattern of birthdays on multiples of 5. Also with a secure date I am busy planning, cleaning, finishing projects, and resting up. This week I read 4 books already! If you want a fun read try the Percy Jackson series.

My awesome friend Catherine sent me a fun pattern for my birthday. I whipped up a dress this week for Amelia. Thursday afternoon I nearly drove all the way to Cheyenne for a third fabric choice. Instead I made due with what I had and the dress turned out cute, still not what I had in mind. The white fabric ended up showing the machine needle holes instead of closing around the thread. Maybe after a good wash it will look better. I learned a new gathering trick that made this dress a simple make. After cutting it out the whole sewing process took about 2 hours. The hat was crocheted on a little jaunt down to Sterling on Friday evening. The last little project was covering a head thingy for the baby's car seat. It matches the car seat cover I made! Too cute!!

Justin suggested we drive down to Sterling for dinner on Friday to a yummy restaurant there. I had the most delicious spinach salad EVER. Amelia now owns a little princess backpack, she marched into the restaurant with her pink cowgirl boots, a rakish hat, and backpack. What a funny little person. She prays all the time now. This evening she prayed for her princess fingers, the light (she paused and said, I love the light), stars, Alison, Miekka, her Elmo toothbrush, flower shoes, princess diapers, Matt's birthday, cute chairs, primary songs, monkey books, her Mimi's, baby brother, and delicious grapes. All of this was listed without any help from me! I need to get a video!! Her imagination is starting to flourish. Justin was in the bathroom on Friday. He blew his nose quite loudly, and Mia exclaimed, "Mommy, isa elephant!" I said, "no it's Daddy." She said, "aohhhh, lika Daddy Elephant?!" Yep! Like a Daddy elephant!

Today was a crazy day at church. Amelia was totally hyped up on goof balls, bouncing off the pews and floor like a ball of energy. She actually requested nursery half way through. The bishop stood up to conduct and she asked if he was Superman! LOL. I gave lesson 32 in Gospel Doctrine. Holy Smokes, that was an emotional lesson on the martyrdom of Joseph and Hyrum Smith. The spirit was so strong a couple times that silence prevailed. I am so very grateful for the restoration of the gospel and all the knowledge Joseph restored to this Earth. I would be so empty without the knowledge of the gospel. It consumes me!

Alison and Matt invited us over for Matt's birthday dinner and cake. As usual Alison whipped up a yummy dinner. The cake was delicious! Matt took Justin and Morley night fishing yesterday. They left around 5:30 pm and didn't get home until 3 am. Jeepers! Funny they did not catch any fish!!

Under contract

Saturday we attended an Open House for the second option home on our list. It's been option two for months now. Going through the house for a 4th time we finally decided this was the house to settle on after two failed offers. We measured the house for updated flooring (the dining room and bathroom are carpeted and the kitchen has retro flooring). Pretty much the flooring, new carpet, and possibly new fridge are the only items really needing attention. By 11 am we went back to the realty office and whipped out a new offer. The owner responded by 1:30 pm with a decent counter. We accepted the counter by 4 pm. We signed the offer contract at 5:30 making the deal official...finally under contract.

I am so excited to begin thinking about what we can do with this new home. The outside is perfectly landscaped. The inside is clean and well-taken care of. The crib bedding arrived in the mail on Thursday...which means new decorating ideas for the nursery are soon to come. I think moving 4 weeks after having a baby will be hard but not as hard as next week! I look forward to sorting through our stuff in storage and finally getting everything organized the way I prefer. No more jerry-rigging life in a small apartment. Thanks for all your prayers.