31 January 2012

Mother of the Year

Phillip giving daddy "kicks" (kisses)

You would think by now I'd learn how to think like Phillip. Alas, no. That kid evades me. He was being so sweet and cute this morning. I had a really short photoshoot (like 15 minutes) for a Valentine mini session. He grabbed a boiled egg off the counter and carried it around half the morning. He gently pocketed it, carried it with tongs, lovingly wrapped it in a blanket, and crooned sweet tenders to his baby dinosaur egg. We have a dinosaur activity book with a fly wheel showing a dino egg, the egg cracking, a baby dino emerging, then a mommy dino. He muttered this cycle over an over to his egg. It finally cracked under all the attention. Phillip was dissapointed to discover a boiled egg instead of a baby dino. Amelia took up the charade and carried a basket full of boiled dino eggs around the rest of the day. Last night Amelia informed Justin that he was taking her on a date the next day for lunch. She woke up this morning and her first words were "Did you know Daddy is taking me on a date of McDonalds." She would not be disuaded. So, she had a nice quiet lunch date with daddy. Since my studio was set up took some daddy/kids photos. I shooed the kids outside to play while I worked on cleaning the kitchen and dishes. After a while I heard a "psssst" noise coming from the garage. Oh, crap! Phillip found a can of spray paint. I painted something the night before but put the paint away in front of him, so he saw where I put it. The kid climbed up to the shelf (it is over 5 feet high) and grabbed a lovely olive green color. Then he decided the van was too plain so tagged the passenger side. It was lovely art work. Luckily, the paint was really wet so it wiped off with a rag and some paint thinner. Phillip's naughty act about gave me heart failure dreaming about Justin's reaction. I also cleaned out our blue plastic rocking horse, Cactus. He was rattling something fierce whenever the kids rode him. Took some tongs and removed a whole pile of stuff Phillip stuffed inside poor cactus.

Amelia came back from lunch on cloud 9. Phillip and I had a picnic outside. I ran inside to get a drink, leaving Everett to play in the grass. I came back to find Phillip pouring his dirt loaded monster-size dump truck on Everett's head. I'd say he dumped about a gallon of garden soil on the baby's head. Geesh. Everett was amused and loved the mid-day excuse for a bath.
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Preview: Letter G

This is a snack view of what decorated our basement Monday morning. Cute aren't they? We learned about the sneaky letter G. Did you know it makes two sounds, a hard and a soft sound?! The soft sound is almost identical to the sound J makes. We learned about the color gold, painted some goldfish, read a fun book, practiced writing the letter G, then had snack outside. Phillip went to play with the Siler family. Bishop Siler reported that Phillip grabbed a harmonica, played it, and then made a bow. I wonder where he got that from?!

Outside Kind of Day

Yesterday was a gorgeous day! It is so hard to believe the calendar says January. We spent some time outside for preschool, then most of the lunch hour, and right up until naptime. It was splendid. Amelia and Phillip made scrumptious mud pies. Everett ate rocks. I watched all the action, relishing every moment. I love how Everett's hair waves in the breeze.