04 May 2016

Mia and Ella

As per tradition since the girls were 2 years old! Here are Ella and Amelia. The shorty and the tall-y. The brunette and the blonde. Both bossy pants and always right! Our favorite pair of nine year olds.

Amelia's Model Session

Amelia is such an amazing child. She is a brilliant kid! She is reading 240 wpm with 90% comprehension. Most kids who read fast don't retain what they read, not this human sponge. She is a good big sister to her siblings. She has a special relationship with Everett, Evelyn and Josie. Her and Phillip grate on each other's nerves half the time, the other half those two are in some imaginary world of play. Amelia is pretty typical for the oldest: bossy, moody, responsible, mature, confident, dependent for approval, and happy in public spaces. At home we lovingly call her Sea Witch or Badger or Merry Mia. When she is in a funk snuggles and attention from Mom or Dad is the cure (after time out of course).

Since her diagnosis with Perthes her mood swings are wider. She is not sure what to think about all the new limitations in her life. We pray that Amelia will take this physical trial and learn to trust in God. She is learning to pray for comfort and peace. She is so brave! Such a fierce fighter. This girl is tiny! At her well-child she weighed 55 lbs, putting her in the 18.4 percentile; height wise she is 49.25 inches, landing her in the 9.5 percentile. She is finally growing out of kid size 12 shoes, she wears a size 7 in pants and shirts; some outfits she can fit into an 8.

If I were to tell future Amelia about herself right now I would say this: I love you. You are one special kid. We knew that from the moment you waved your arm and made eye contact with us shortly after birth. I hope you know that as your mother we will not always see eye-to-eye. That is ok, our differences will never change my love for you! You are so strong and able to accomplish so much. Take the chances given you and fly. You are a gifted musician, cultivate that gift since it comes so naturally to you. Rather than complain about life, learn to be truly grateful for what God has given you. Make yourself content! Set goals to reach the dreams you have. Life is not fair, it is NOT fair that you have a hip disease. It is not fair that your brother got a candy and you did not. Learning to deal happily with disappointment is one of the reasons we are living life on this Earth. When life does not go my way, I take a break and count all the wonderful blessings in my life. Usually this habit helps me see that my seeking fairness is actually me just being selfish. Take a look inside your heart and realize that yes life is not fair, if it were we would all be stuck here on Earth without a way back to heaven. God provided the ultimate "life is not fair" when he allowed his only Son to give his life for us all. I hope one day you will understand this! Hugs! Kisses! Hugs!