26 February 2009

Cutie Birdie

Here are six more shirts I whipped out this week so far. I think the birdie shirts are totally cute!! Amelia even likes them.

Amelia must be teething again, her molars came in a couple months ago but her eye teeth are still missing. I think her eye teeth are finally trying to come in. Last night the poor little thing was up between midnight at 3 am with a runny nose, etc. I could not find the medicine syringe until 2 am. After she took some pain reliever and Benedryl she settled down a bit. She loves taking the pain reliever, but spewed the Benedryl out of her mouth three times. I was drenched in sticky pink syrup after I finally got a dose into her little body. A friend suggested trying chewable Benedryl, she may like to eat some "candy"!!

Last night I made a yummy chicken soup using a rotisserie chicken (bones, skin, etc), onion, and garlic to make a broth, then added corn, egg noodles, two bullion, and replacing the chicken meat. Yum, yum!! Amelia and I attended an activity day for the younger primary girls. I took pictures of the mothers and daughters while Amelia ran around the gym with the girls. She had a blast!!

GOOD NEWS: JUSTIN FILED THE 10-K LAST NIGHT!!!! HOORAY!!! Hopefully his work life and schedule will normalize relatively quickly. Way to go HON!!!

23 February 2009

Our Gorgeous Baby

Today I had a camera urge. I needed to take a picture or shrivel up and die. Good thing Amelia has a never ending supply of cute outfits. I put her newest outfit on and headed to the Post Office to mail a couple letters. Across the street was a cool old door that served as a perfect backdrop! Amelia seemed to have fun watching the trains and posing for me. The weather was reasonably warm so we stayed outside for a couple hours playing. We even went to the park this afternoon. I was super tired this afternoon for some reason so took a 2.5 hour nap with Amelia. I was still tired after that long nap. Goodness! Maybe my tiredness is due to the fact that I keeping waking up at 3 am and can't go back to sleep for an hour or so. It's very annoying.

Sunday was a fun day at church. I subbed the 8-9 year old class for the second time. They are rowdy but my ingenious tactics kept them entertained for a while. We played a hands-on relay and put on a skit about Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdry receiving the Aaronic Priesthood. We invited Alison and her 4 kids over for a spaghetti and hot bread dinner. Her husband went to Idaho and Utah last Sunday and returned later last night, so Alison was needing some adult conversation.

Justin worked half of Saturday. He took a nap with Amelia (poor guy) while I went to the gym and made a Walmart run for cheese. I made yummy chicken enchiladas for dinner, cafe rio style. I liked the recipe quite a bit although the dressing a little bit salty, even for my taste. Amelia continually entertains us with her vocabulary. Friday evening she found a "Temple button" in my button stash (it was actually a castle), the rest of the evening she went around muttering "temple button." She is also starting to learn some ownership boundaries. She constantly brings me my sewing or crochet, saying "Mommy's stuff." What a funny girl. We are working on being reverent during scriptures and prayers. So far she just screams in time out until I throw her in bed. I guess we've been too lenient for too long during family prayer and scripture. She constantly amazes me with phrases and cute little mannerisms.

Our home in SLC is still on the market. Due to an amazing weekend in SLC, we had 5 people look at our home over the weekend. We lowered the price on our home hoping someone will make an offer. All we need is one solid offer, the relocation company will take over after that even if the deal falls through later. We are praying hard that an offer will come soon. I pine constantly for my stuff! This week I really missed my kitchen knives and baskets to put all the miscellaneous clutter in. Little "B" came over and instantly asked me why my house was so dirty...good question little one. I don't have an excuse, but for now I will blame the clutter on lack of places to store everything. We are so glad John is back from Afghanistan. He should be home to Court by Thursday. My other brother, Fluffy, aka Jeff, should arrive back to the states within a couple weeks. I am so proud of my brothers!! Hooah!!

20 February 2009

Lemons?? YUMMY!!

I love to eat lemons with salt. Blame my mother, she taught me to eat lemons. Well, now I am passing on the flavor...er, favor. Amelia noticed me sucking on a lemon and wanted a taste of my "orange." She ate a pickle for breakfast the other day so must appreciate sour tastes. She licked it and gave me the expected shudder and scrunchy face. I expected her to give me back my lemon but instead she ran into the livingroom and roosted on the couch. I caught her sitting there, legs crossed, licking her lemon with gusto. Warmed my pickled heart!! She even shared a lick with me!

The weather was really windy and cold the past two days. Yesterday Amelia and I went to the gym and played in the Raquetball court with some balls for 45 minutes. Today we did laundry. Two older ladies run the laundromat, Amelia thinks they are her Grandmas! She runs around earning chocolates and kisses from them. I am glad they seemed tickled pink. Recently, Amelia started asking us "How are you, Mommy (or Daddy)?" It is very cute. I took a small video at lunch the other day. Click here for a peak of cuteness!!!

19 February 2009

Nearing the Finish Line

I only have 8 more shirts to applique!! That will mean 45 shirts appliqued since moving to Sidney. I am sort of getting tired of this craft! Maybe it is time to switch it up. I am so glad that I brought the materials needed to make the shirts. Justin was really worried I spent all that money last fall in vain. Now all I have to do is sell them!! Here are my latest 6 creations.

17 February 2009

Indian Cooking Class

This evening our RS hosted a cooking class at Sister Mason's home. Last month they asked me to teach a cooking class. I chose Indian food because it is so yummy and not very many people know how to make it. Saturday afternoon I went shopping and found everything except the yogurt at Walmart. Our menu included Naan bread, Raita, Rice Pilaf, Chicken Curry, and Tikka Masala. Phew! It was really fun. I arrived at Sister Mason's an hour early to cut the vegetables and try to prepare the food for faster cooking. I absolutely hate not having decent pans and knives to use. The house we are in only has three steak knives as kitchen knives...not cool. Every pan here is the cheap thin kind that burns everything, even water.

I started off showing how to prepare the rice, then the bread, mixed up the raita. Waited for the pans and oven to cool from the naan to finish the other two dishes. It worked out pretty well. Amelia was so hilarious. She acted like she was a hostess, greeting everyone and making us all laugh. She is a really talkative person. Cracks me up because Justin and I are not very outgoing or talkative. To have a living parrot acting like a monkey is a total delight.

Now I am totally exhausted. I got up at 6:20 to get to the gym before Justin left for work. Today was also laundry day at the laundromat. I now love, love nap time. Let me know if you want any recipes!!

Shopping in Cheyenne

WOW! We (Alison, Brayden, and Ella; Amelia) started off our President's Day driving the 2 hours to Cheyenne, WY for some shopping. I still can't get over how stinkin' flat everything is around here! The kids watched movies and ate tremendous amounts of snacks while we drove out to Cheyenne, Alison and I got to know each other a little better. She is pretty crazy so watch out (just kidding...mostly).

Our first stop was Hobby Lobby. I've never been to a Hobby Lobby so was quite impressed with their selection of just about every craft you can imagine. I stocked up on yarn, one more 1/2 yard of Easter fabric, and some brads. Then we hit up Big Lots. I was ecstatic to introduce Alison to their wiles. She found huge frames for her newly ordered family pictures for $13.50 per frame. Then we stopped at Once Upon A Kid, sort of like Kid to Kid, a child consignment store. I found brand new gymboree clothes with the tags still on for Amelia. Yipee!!

We had some lunch at Target, then hit Kohls, Ross, and TJ Maxx. Phew! Just typing about all those stores makes me tired all over again. I indulged myself with a Coca-Cola for lunch. It was just as yummy as I remember...3 months of being "dry" and counting...this did not count. It was a "treat" LOL!! Amelia did surprisingly well. Usually she falls apart after 20 minutes of being in Walmart. I came prepared with about 7 different snacks for her to try.

In Kohls, their family bathroom included a child-sized potty. Amelia was REALLY intrigued. So I stripped her down and sat her on the cold seat. That shocked enough to want to jump back up. Poor thing was wailing but managed to squeeze a drop of pee out. I made a HUGE deal out of that. She seemed pretty proud especially when I let her flush the toilet. Flushing is off limits at home if she doesn't make a deposit first. I really hope potty training is around the corner. She is showing a tiny amount of interest but mostly brushes off the idea. We barely made it home in time for Alison to pick up her two older kids from a school sponsored play day.

Amelia managed to spill half a bag of popcorn all over her side of the car right after we went to Big Lots. I spent the evening vacuuming the car and putting away my new precious purchases. Shopping so far away sure puts the curb on impulse buying. That is a good thing...right??

16 February 2009

Homemade Surprise!!!

No, this isn't a recipe post for leftover-casserole. I'm volunteering to make you, my lucky friends, a homemade something-or-other.

My friend Alison continued this cute idea on her blog, and if I want to participate in hers...I need to do the same on my blog, so here we go!

Are you excited, yet? If so, be sure to be one of the first five people to respond to this post. I hereby commit to offer the first five individuals to comment on this post a homemade gift of my choosing; however, in order to post a comment, you have to first post this on your own blog and agree to do the same for another five people. You in turn have the opportunity to do likewise to this post and be the recipient of a fun homemade gift from me.

There are of course some restrictions, because I am not Superwoman.

1. I make no guarantees that you will like what I make. 2. What I create will be just for you. 3. This thing will be completed sometime this year. :) 4. You have no clue what it will be, leftover-casserole anyone? Just kidding. 5. I reserve the right to do something extremely strange.


15 February 2009

Playing in the Snow

Pictures of the Day

Amelia in a BOX! Don't you LOVE babies in fuzzy jammies?? We sure do!

Amelia checking out a cool old 1920's home we toured yesterday. I loved it J-Dawg didn't

Amelia riding a fun ATV at Cabela's...our only diversion except Walmart

Our Lizard-Tongued baby enjoying a Valentine's Day ice cream. She ate the whole thing!

14 February 2009

Amelia's Prayer

Here is a short video of Amelia saying her prayers over last night's dinner. She says, "hebenly fader, day, fude, dub-e-day is bless, Jesus, etc." Wow it is so rewarding to have her finally say a prayer after 21 months of practice!! So cute. I love how she scrunches up her face!! Click here to view the video.

Happy V-Day

Yesterday Amelia and trekked out into the snow to deliver Justin a little Valentine's Day gift. Amelia loves to visit Justin's office. She sits in his chair and starts barking out commands, like "Candy!" Amelia chose a fun balloon for Justin at Walmart. I put together a little treat tin full of chocolate and printed out some pics I took of Amelia two weeks ago. It seems Justin gets photos from me at most every holiday. Before he leaves Cabela's there won't be a spare inch of space on his office walls!! We had a little lunch date at the Pizza Hut buffet. Amelia enjoyed eating peas, cheese, and small bites of pizza. It was a nice way to break up the afternoon!!

Justin brought home a fun bouquet of flowers for me. I love the large yellow mum! It brings a splash of color into our livingroom. I love this picture of the flowers in our window sill...can you tell we have a couple inches of snow outside?? This morning we got another dusting of snow!! I think we are planning on seeing a couple houses this morning then vegging in our jammies the rest of the day. Too bad we don't have a DVD player...I feel like watching a movie from Red Box.

12 February 2009

Hi Hun!!

Here is a link to a funny video of Amelia talking to Justin on the phone. If this is any precursor to her teenage years...watch out!!! Click here!!

10 February 2009

My Chocolate Monster

The weather is colder...again...yuck! It was rainy yesterday so I started designing a new mushroom shirt. I also put the finishing touches on some owl shirts I sewed last week. This afternoon and evening I assembled and completed four new shirts. While sorting through the creating process I poured over some Close to My Heart magazines. Amelia later copied me laying on the floor oowing and ahhing over cute ideas. I love, love how all the shirts turned out. Now I only have 13 more shirts left to decorate before my stash is depleted. I am glad that my original investment is not going to waste. Next step is to sell them!!

Some ladies got together last night to celebrate Alison's birthday (she has the little girl Amelia's age). Amelia went with me since Justin is working late, late hours. Amelia packed down an entire box of Mac N'Cheese (amazing) before dinner. She still ate part of my sandwich and some fries. I sort of felt like a fish out of water since all the ladies knew each other quite well and talked about people I do not know. Sometimes I feel really awkward in social situations. I function more comfortably in smaller groups, for example, 2 people of less. I am not a conversation manipulator!! LOL. Still it was fun to listen to everyone banter and tell stories.

Amelia has a nose for chocolate. I am NOT a chocolate lover, but my child can smell chocolate from a mile away. Yesterday she found a mint 3 Musketeer's bar I hid for emergencies. Last week I bought her a little stool to use as a table for play dough. While busy with my hair she took her table went straight to my emergency drawer, ferreted my chocolate bar, gnawed through the wrapper, and sucked the chocolate out! When I discovered her, she was so proud of herself! Her exclamation was: "ummm, yummy!" She must be related to Aunt Raquel!!

08 February 2009

A Family Outing

Yesterday Justin decided it would be fun to go check out Scottsbluff, one of the bigger cities that is withing a 150 mile radius. We drove the long way there using the back roads. I last saw Chimney Rock about 5 years ago. I remember thinking, "this place is in the middle of absolute nowhere" and "there is nothing that would compel me to move in these parts!" Who'da thunk?! Now we are less than 40 miles away from this great pioneer monument. We stopped at the small visitor's center, paid $3 per person for a dinky tour of the museum, and let Amelia run around. I actually forgot my camera so used my new cell phone camera. It is decent!! Definitely no 10 MP camera.

Scottsbluff is a small town, home to about 15,000. I think it is the 12th largest city in Nebraska. We visited Target and JoAnn's as part of our tour of the town. Amelia was a complete nerd bonker during dinner. She is in the stage where she wants to do everything her self but spills water, bowls, plates, etc in the process. If you try to help she melts faster than a drama queen. We ate some yummy Chinese food then headed back home. It was a fun diversion!

05 February 2009

Playing with Ella

Yesterday we had warm weather again!! It was around 65 degrees outside. The headliner was: THERE WAS NO WIND!! It was an exciting day. Alison invited us to meet her at the park after school. It seems four other LDS families had the same idea! Ella and Amelia wore their cute hats. It was hard to resist their charms! The girls shared some cookies, the slide, the horsies, and some soda. It was a nice diversion to play at the park when kids were there...usually it is empty when we go.

We also met one of the local family doctors yesterday. Since coming to Sidney, I've had terrible headaches almost everyday, sometimes they are so bad I feel nauseous and etc. Amelia was glad Dr Cutright was poking me and not her. He gave me some new headache medicine to try. Hopefully, soon I'll feel like my old self. All of these headaches are very difficult to manage!

Warm Weather

For the second time since moving here the weather turned....awesome!! Yesterday it was 65 degrees outside. The headliner of the day was: IT WAS NOT WINDY!! Alison invited us to play at the park around 4 pm. When we got there a couple other families from the ward had the same idea! Ella and Amelia were so cute playing on the slide, the horsies, eating cookies (or shhhhooochies), and sipping soda. Amelia is very hard to resist wearing a hat, emphasizing her big eyes. Ella wore her new cute hat too! A lady at the park asked me to make her daughter one too! Amelia is the best advertizing tool!

We spent the morning at the Sidney hospital getting to know our new family doctor. I've had constant headaches since moving here so went to see if the Dr could prescribe anything. I am glad we went here instead of going straight to Scottsbluff, where most people go. The Dr we visited was Dr Cutright. I think Amelia was glad someone was poking me instead of the other way around. Hopefully, with this new medication I will start to feel like my old self.

Amelia Cooks

Here Amelia discovered that putting playdough on your nose is "bunny" or in adult English, FUNNY. So cute!!!

This is how Amelia helps me cook:
1. Raid pantry
2. Gather all "O's" cans ("O's" are spaghetti O's) to middle of kitchen floor
3. Open oven broiler
4. Walk through broiler four times
5. Put cans in broiler
6. Sit in broiler with cans
7. Look cute until Mom opens a can of "O's"

04 February 2009

Lime Green Communication

Sounds del-ish, huh! Lime Green! Well, that is what my new phone is like. Yummy! I am trying not to feel ultimately spoiled to have the same phone as Justin, in other words, something totally out of my ball park! I love the constant ties to my email, unlimited texts, mobile internet, and of course not having to use roaming. So, this is a SHOUT OUT! Call me on my new phone!! My new number is


02 February 2009

Awesome DUDE Choco-Face

Amelia and I went to Walmart this afternoon. She was unusually well-behaved so she earned a treat at the check-out counter. Little stinker chose chocolate!! Why? I am NOT a chocolate lover...strange for a woman...I know. I would rather eat ice cream. Guess Amelia did not take after me. She drooled chocolate all over her newly laundered coat but the smile made up for her messiness. We will be back at the laundromat on Thursday regardless. Don't you just want to lick her face clean?? Yummy Amelia!

We visited Alison and her family this evening to drop off a couple tutu's for her little girl, Ella. Her son taught Amelia how to say Awesome and Sweet. After a little coaching she learned how to say "Awesome Dude!" Click here for the video link----> CLICK

Gorgeous Sky

Caught this sunset on Friday. Pretty awesome!

01 February 2009

Widow's Mite

Today in Relief Society we had an awesome lesson on Fasting. The spirit was so strong! It seems lately the spirit is not as strong in my life as it should be. It is my fault for not reading the scriptures as often as I did during my single years. Serving a mission is a dream now of uninterrupted spiritual feasts. Squeezing in 20 minutes of study and prayer should not be a problem here in Sidney since my days are not filled. Last week I made a concentrated effort to study and pray for 20-30 minutes while Amelia naps. My sacrifice: blogging and email. The feelings of the day were well worth the reduction of blogging.

While in Jerusalem my main purchase was a widow's mite, beveled into a necklace charm. I love the story in Luke, how the widow was surrounded by Jewish Elders paying exorbitant sums of tithing money. The widow dropped her two mite's into the tithing box and went on her way. Often I think of her. Was she fasting, what was she praying for, and what happened to her petitions? I am sure her small sacrifice was repaid 100 fold, maybe not in the ways she expected but she was praised by the Lord for her faith. I carry a mite like the one she paid to remind me that part of being a member of this church is to give our ALL, but to give it in secret. I'll never forget the pomp and circumstance of the different religions in Jerusalem, I can honestly imagine a wisp of a lady dressed in humble clothing paying her tithes completely unnoticed, surrounded by outward expressions of worship. I understand quite well now that the Lord expects quiet worship and service. What a perfect reminder on this Fast Sunday.

On another note: we spent the afternoon napping (Justin and Amelia), crocheting (me), and playing with Amelia. Justin played play dough "snakes" and "snowman," horsie, and coloring. It warmed my heart to watch them interact! Love it!!


Friday evening Justin and I played BINGO. We dropped Amelia off at daycare for an hour, the workers were leaving when we finally arrived because Amelia was the only kid who signed up to come play. Good thing we arrived when we did!! Amelia had a face of complete horror as we drove off...goodness I hate leaving her.

Now, why were we playing BINGO? Justin's work hosted a gaming party for all the new employees joining Cabela's in the past 12 months. The party was at the local Elk's club, complete with a huge elk's head on the wall. I wonder if all Elk's clubs have to have an Elk on the wall?? Upstairs the serious gamers smoked, drank, and played Texas Hold 'Em. The rest of us played BINGO. Along the sideboard were snacky-snacks to munch on. The spicy chicken wings were actually pretty good.

We played about 15 games of BINGO. I never knew there were so many different versions of BINGO. Wonders of all wonders I actually won two games in a row! I one a version where you have to configure a "C" around the edges of the card and then a game of blackout. I won a $25 gift certificate...to CABELA'S and a pop gun decorated in pink ammo. It was fun.

Amelia had the two daycare worker's wrapped around her little finger. She was bossing them around telling them to go here and there, read this book, and play that game. They were impressed with her extended vocabulary. She is pretty amazing.

Yesterday the weather was a balmy 48 degrees. It felt like summer when the wind was not blowing. We looked at a couple more homes with a real estate agent in the morning. Justin worked most of the morning and afternoon so Amelia and I enjoyed an hour at the park and walked around the little pond. She was pretty crabby after her nap so we walked to the railroad tracks and caught a train speeding by. She sure loves those trains now. The best part of our day was when Alison dropped off a hot loaf of wheat bread. It smelled divine!! We piled into the car and made a 10 minute trip to Walmart to get a new wireless router. I am so happy that our internet works great now. No more spotty coverage...and I don't have to sit on the floor with the laptop next to the bathroom.