03 March 2017

Strange Sort of Snow Day

The kids and I left our home shortly after the carpet cleaner arrived. He advised we stay away from the carpet for at least 6 hours after he was done cleaning. Yikes. That meant a long day away from home. My kids kindly let Mr Jay into our home once he arrived. I was mortified when Phillip asked him why he smelled like the beans I seem to often burn inside our home. He smoked cigarettes so had that peculiar odor. We chatted about the difference between rude and polite questions and when to ask those questions. The kids decided on a day in Cheyenne. We drove to Jumping Jacks for a few hours of bounce house fun. Can't beat $20 to entertain kids during the middle of the winter. Josie was brave enough to try out a couple bounces with me in the largest house. After we played for three hours we stopped for a late lunch at Chik-fil-a, it was not packed to the gills this time since it was after 1 pm. I wanted to stop at Joann's to check out unicorn fabric for Amelia's birthday dress. The kids followed me around the store as I quickly checked out the sales. No unicorn fabric, but I did find 4 new couch pillows for $20 plus cute fabric. The kids got to pet the dogs at the mall pet store then play in the indoor mall play area. Josie was so exhausted, she only napped 15 minutes in the van for the entire day. She fell asleep once we made it to Nebraska. Course, Phillip had to pee and the pee bottle was brimming. Josie woke up once we stopped to let Phillip pee. He got to take care of the baby for the remainder of the ride. A mile or so from Potter the check engine light, VSC, and Trac Off lights all came on at once. Made my heart pound wondering how we would get home. Google provided ambiguous suggestions to why the lights all popped on at once, mostly that pistons misfired. We were quite grateful to arrive home safely.

Justin helped me hang the door over the couch during lunch. We hung it way too high the first time, so I ended up rehanging it by myself afterward. I think it looks pretty amazing. I am unsure about filling the glass panes with photos, was thinking about just simple BW stills of the kids. Tuesday was Math Night at North Elementary. Evelyn insisted she must wear her Cinderella cleaning costume. Her face was quite the sight with leftover blue makeup, lunch and dinner remnants, and general toddler face. Her face went with her dress so I let it be. We enjoyed the fun math related activities. My favorites were a room dedicated to Math Chutes and Ladders (life-size), math coded cars, and the geometric shapes. Everett, our resident Math enthusiast, was delighted with each activity. Phillip smeared raspberries on the newly cleaned carpet. Not intentionally of course, he smashed berries on the heads of his Imaginext figures as battle helmets for some epic battle. The berries were smashed into the carpet as Evelyn helped him play. Yes, we do have a no food on the carpet rule.

Wednesday morning Jen scheduled to come paint Phillip and Evelyn's room around 9 am. I had all the furniture moved and the walls prepped by 8:30 am. She did not show up until 5 pm. I had to practice a large measure of patience waiting for her. The project was supposed to take one day, now 4 days later the paint is still not finished. Saturday morning I got fed up with how long it was taking, hating that the toys and dresser were stuck in the living room, Justin and I cut the paint and rolled a first coat over the remaining walls. I will finish putting the room back by tomorrow. I will have Jen paint my coffee table instead, she can take it and work on it at her convenience. It started snowing heavily Wednesday morning, so school was let out early. The next morning school had a late start so all in all we had a snow half day for two days, does that equal one day? The kids did not have much homework so that was a plus of the shorter days. The kids enjoyed playing out in the extremely fluffy snow both days. They even got to sled on Saturday before the snow melted away.

Evelyn and Josie are busy developing a cute sisterly relationship. I often catch little vignette's of Evelyn sharing a treat, giving a hug, kissing a cheek, or finding Josie a binky. Every time my heartstrings pull a bit. Those moments always seem to melt down any impatience I feel when Evelyn is naughty. Josie earned a new nickname...or two: spider monkey or klingon. That girl thinks her rightful place is wrapped around my hip while she points and jabbers. Still, she does not enjoy being on her own, my rightful place is 1-3 feet away from her, any further and she melts down. Good thing she is a lightweight. Evelyn decided this past week that Dog Vader is her dog. She lovingly wipes his fur with a baby wipe, plays with him (rather annoys him with dolls riding on his back), and chases him until he snips at her.

Personality insight: Everett is chatty. He is chatty Cathy. If you give him a moment of your time he will chat you ear off. We were at the park the other day, he begged me to play ice cream store with him. I acquiesced.  He charged me 3 rocks for a green ice cream cone. As I watched him whip up the treat, he talked and made laser noises. The bolts and holes under the play structure were transformed into ice cream nozzles, a hole filled with rocks turned into sprinkles, and the dead leaves were syrup. Josie ordered a vanilla dish, that cost 30 rocks. Since the cafe was due to close at 5 I hurried to order a banana split, that cost 10 handfuls of rocks. Geeze, the inflation was remarkable. Because I paid 1 million rocks I earned free ice cream for the rest of my life. Score! I fell in love with this imaginative, spirited, loving boy all over again as his arms spun and his motor mouth made sound effects. I got a kiss once the cafe closed, I then learned the owner was actually my Dad and my son. Creepy! Guess that is why I got a kiss.

Friday I got to have dinner at Tres Margaritas with the ladies to spend Gina Hill off on her new adventures in Omaha. I love dinner with the ladies. It was much needed and well-enjoyed. Justin stayed home with the kiddos watching a movie.

Jenn treated Justin and I to an evening out on the town Saturday evening. No good movies were playing, the bowling alley was in tournament season, and the bars not our style. We went to dinner at Sam and Louie's pizza. Put our phones away and chatted a bit. We ended the night off with a short trip to Walmart for ceiling paint. The ceiling in Phillip's room was covered with gross yellow spots, something a bit greasy. It does wipe off but the stain is still there.

Sunday I subbed in Phillip's class last moment. Imagine 8 wiggly 7-8 year olds! I struggled to keep quiet with a baby on my lap making silly faces. Justin walked by and noticed me teaching, he walked in just in time to explain how a baby is blessed by a Dad holding the priesthood. I was quite grateful for his good timing. I was impressed with the knowledge these little ones have. Phillip's face was beaming to have his mom teaching his class. Made me feel like a super star.