10 May 2012

Itching for Change


Friday morning I woke up wanting a hair cut. I was finished with my longer hair. It was getting frizzy and damaged from being pulled back so much. Everett loves to pull my hair. I was finished fixing it and still feeling frumpy. No one had any openings on Friday, Saturday, or even Monday. I had to wait until Tuesday morning. I even had a hair cut scheduled for this afternoon, but I could not wait. I had a babysitter arranged for Tuesday morning for 9 am. The anticipation was almost more than I could bear. Twenty minutes before my appt my babysitter called to say she could not make it. Darn all the luck. I took the kids with me to the salon for a stressful yet successful hair appointment. Everett sat in my lap, Phillip jumped around the chair I was sitting in, and Amelia calmly watched me struggling to keep Phillip from burning his paws on the curling irons. The hair dresser cut my hair in record time. You should have seen the pile of hair that came off my head. It was impressive! Once at home I looked at my new cut noticed the left side appeared to be an inch longer than the right. My hair is funky. After lunch I went back and she quickly gave me a lopsided trim. My left is shorter but when dry and fixed it now looks even with the right. Ahhhh! Bliss. Much better.

Yesterday was glorious outside. The kids and I enjoyed a lovely picnic at the park of chocolate sandwiches, cold watermelon, and cheese sticks washed down with lemonade. While we ate a gaggle of mothers sat behind us gossiping about all the fat ladies who work out at the gym and making other snide remarks. I felt so uncomfortable hearing their gossip and knowing my kids were listening that we had to move tables. Geepers! The kids wanted to ride bikes around the pond so I packed Everett in the backpack while wandering behind the kids. We saw Zane fishing with his mom and dad towards the end of our ride. The kids were so excited to watch Zane reel in fish after fish. Brother Landers kindly let Amelia reel in two fish and Phillip one fish. He is quite the expert at hooking fish! Zane helped us feed bread to the fish. All the bread wandered close to the shore so hooking and reeling fish in was as easy as casting the line.

Amelia was convinced that Zane, Ella, and Will were coming over for a tea party. She went into total diva mode when I told her no, maybe tomorrow. She was so rude that she had to clean out the van and sit in time out for 30 minutes. She asked very politely after that. Zane came over for a short tea party. Amelia got all gussied up in a dress, belt, coordinating shoes, and hair bow. Zane protected the tea party from an alien invasion while Amelia planned their wedding. After they played for a good hour outside they watched Barbie Mermaid Tale. Zane, you are a good boy!

Justin was kind enough to corral the kiddos while my friend Kelly came over for a sewing lesson Tuesday evening. I taught her how to make a skirt. That lesson lasted from 8-10:30 pm. She walked out with a really cute skirt for her niece sewn by herself. Last night I helped her applique a shirt to match the skirt. She is so proud of her accomplishment.