06 July 2016

Josie is 5 Months

Yep! She is as delightful as portrayed. We love her rare spurts of laughter, her huge body smiles, and the way she rolls raspberries when upset. Josie can roll to one side, usually her right side and can roll from tummy to back if her arms are in front of her. She loves, and I mean loves, to stand up. She can assume the ship prow position with the best of all the sea ladies gracing old ships. She is fascinated with her fingers, toes, and bringing objects to the slobber hole. When bored she often sucks on her tongue or lower lip giving her a serious face. Phillip can make her giggle with all his silly antics. She continues to show off ninja skills while taking a bath, water everywhere!

My guess is she weighs about 12.5 lbs, using math and our bathroom scale. Her legs gained a bit of chub so the Zantac must help. She is not spitting up quite so much, only using 2 bibs per day instead of 5. Course, the big change this month was getting her ears pierced. She looks like a dolly! Josie sleeps pretty well, still nursing every 2-3 hours day and night. She is in the rock and play next to my bed. That will change soon since she can inch her legs out of the chair, I am afraid she will end up closing off her airways from kinking her neck to much. Sooooo, she co-sleeps with me half the night. Josie's favorite hang out is under the playmat. She is very efficient at batting toys, grasping, grabbing, and directing toys to her mouth. She is not fond of sitting in her baby chairs. Her coveted spot is in my arms or hanging out in the Moby Wrap.