12 July 2015

Our Sidney Family

We loved FHE this year on the 6th of July. The Haley's hosted a 4th of July BBQ after the fact because they ran a fireworks stand through 10 pm on the 4th. We lucked out and got to spend the 4th with family and another great party with our ward family. Everyone brought their own meat to grill, a side dish, and a dessert. I made broccoli salad, deviled eggs, almond sheet cake, and we brought burgers to grill up. Alison made lettuce wedges drizzled in lemon dressing, yeah, it was yum. I think kids at a BBQ are hilarious. It is like a free for all for anyone under the age of 12. Dessert first? Yes, my mom is NOT watching. Nothing makes me laugh more than a chubby hand reaching over the counter tapping around looking for food within reach. The kids played more than they ate, however...this time each of my kids did spend a little time sitting and eating. That is no small feat. Phillip and Everett enjoyed most of the time on the tornado shelter moving dirt and rocks around. Evelyn is infatuated with "Ella" (add in some raspberries when pronounced) and enjoyed having someone follow her around on purpose. She showed off her newly acquired shirt removal tricks. Towards the end the boys brought out excess 4th of July fireworks and put on quite the show. Matt looked quite laughable holding a Roman Candle while it shot lights into the sky.

For Make it Monday, I was running out of steam and ideas. Amelia took me idea to make an obstacle course and ran with it. I found Everett a new toddler bed so was in the process of moving his mattress and old bed. They took the soft items and made a jumping course. Soon Amelia added a timed-Lego course, balance course, and other fun little obstacles. She saved the bacon this week.

Tuesday I ran an errand after dinner. I came home to the kids on the porch practicing for a rock star show. Each kid had a paper Jamz guitar and Amelia had pink lip gloss smeared on her face. Their concerts were pretty awesome. Amelia was in charge, errrr, the boss. She shoved the boys out of the way when it was her turn to perform. She can cause contention with her control issues.

Wednesday the kids went with me to mutual. Sarah Wood had the girls engaged in a pedicure/manicure evening. Everett insisted on green fingernails to match his Buzz Lightyear PJs. The kids splashed around in the rain a couple time throughout the day, they put on their warmest clothes early, which happened to be PJs. It was fun. The rain was nice! Justin stayed home with Evelyn and fixed the broken hardware on her dresser. I am so glad to have a working drawer again.

Thursday I engaged the kids in creative manual labor. They wanted to play in the water so I suggested we hand wash the van. I spent a while in the afternoon vacuuming and cleaning all the van surfaces. The carpet stinks in the van, it smells like mildew and curdled milk lately. Even after a nice baking soda vacuum the van is back to smelling like it was before. I filled a bin with water and soap. The kids ended up washing the garage floor and the van. I went around the van with a soft sponge and scrubbed all the dead bugs and transfer marks from bikes and items rubbing against the van. For a couple hours it looked and smelled amazing. We enjoyed a nice run to Sonic for cherry limeades for all our (my) hard work. The kids played for quite a while with the hose and the bin of water. The simple things right?! Also, I got to go to a Dr appointment all by myself that morning. Alia came to watch the kids so they did not have to enjoy a pap smear with me as well. Even though it was a pap smear, I enjoyed waiting quietly. I finally went to the billing office and settled all the bills from my thumb, Amelia's arm, and other little expenses.

What did we do for Fabulous Friday? Since I cleaned out the van we went to Bridgeport lake, it's flies, sand, and water. At least the van stayed clean over night. The water was still really high, only a couple yards from the parking area. The best part was the extra water was really shallow and warm. Evelyn had a blast wading in the shallow water. She performed her trick of wading in over her head several times. She still hates wearing a floatie. Phillip turned into a shark, Amelia and Ella were mermaids, and Everett was a sea turtle. Alison was there to chat with and enjoy her fun company. We left once dark clouds rolled over. Ironically, we went to the same ice cream shack for a treat before heading home. I can't wait to go again this next week. Lake time is the best time.

Evelyn was quite the stinker Thursday night/Friday morning. She woke up at 11:30 ready for the next day. I took her down to the basement where she rolled around on my chest for 3.5 hours. Every couple of moments she would shove a finger up my nose, pat my cheek, or sing Let it Go. She finally fell asleep at 3:30, as I stood up to take her to bed she of course wakes completely up and would not allow me to put her down. Think screaming tantrum. I tagged Justin in at this point. He snuggled her for a while. Then he brought her to OUR bed. Little girl rolled around and hogged the bed until 5:30 or 6 am when she finally went to sleep. I am not sure why she does this every once in a while. Sure wears me out. Since then naps are becoming spotty. She needs them but cries and cries instead of just going to sleep. I will persevere.

Saturday we enjoyed a family trip to Sterling Pool. It was HOT outside, the water felt amazing. Amelia is learning how to swim in deep water, we enjoyed a session just the two of us. Our little water kids just amaze me. I am glad Justin finally got to see all the kids swimming with their tricks and little talents.