04 April 2009

Heavenly Spirit, Wicked Weather

Woweee...the wind is literally howling outside and visibility is about zero. Amelia and I stayed tucked inside almost all day. We watched General Conference on our TV; what a comfort! Justin went to help a family finish their basement for the missionaries who will arrive in about a week. Amelia helped me clean the house a bit as we listened to the first session. The weather man predicted we would get 6 inches of snow overnight. Morning came and there was no snow by 8:30 am. However by noon there was a good 18 inches of snow piled up on our walk. Around 3 pm the wind picked up and blizzard conditions prevailed. Amelia howled through her entire nap (hour and a half) much to our chagrin. Justin was worried but this week nap crying is the norm.

After conference we stuffed ourselves into winter clothes and tempted fate. It was bloody cold outside. The snow blistered our faces. Amelia even had snowflakes caught in her eyelashes. She had a great time piling snow on my car bumper then eating it. Justin enjoyed using all the winter gear he could find and standing in the 50 MPH wind and snow. The weather map actually showed there was no precipitation over Sidney, all the snow is blowing over from up North.

Punkle Jeffrey is on his way from Texas to Utah. He decided to make his way going north to I-80 then west to Utah. He kept calling asking me if I was sure there was inclement weather. About an hour ago he finally called swearing because trucks kept blowing him off the road. He nearly got stuck in a ditch but used his mad tank driving skills to get out. I think he is staying the night in North Platte, a town less than 120 miles away. The interstate is actually closed due to wind from North Platte to Cheyenne. Hope he will make it here tomorrow. We will be having Conference Crepes tomorrow morning!!!

The talks were awesome as usual. I really enjoyed hearing Elder Hale's talk on Provident Living. I also liked Sister Lifferth's talk on teaching children reverence...something we are trying to work on. My favorite was Elder Christofferson's talk on how our covenants will help us through the hard days ahead. I crocheted a hat while listening and trying to not focus on Amelia's crying.