24 January 2010

Modern Art

Amelia is exhibiting some pretty funny behaviors lately. She must be a little jealous of Phillip and the time I spend holding him. Last week she wanted me to "feed her some juice on my tummy." I was pretty confused until she climbed on my lap in a feeding position and gave me her sippy cup. She can often be found inside Phillip's crib pretending to sleep, on his changing table wanting a diaper change, etc. Friday I found her inside Phillip's carseat all bundled up sucking on her binky (which is a bed only luxury).

I try to give her little chores around the house. Thursday she "helped" me put the groceries away. See above picture. LOL! You have not seen basement pictures yet because it is where the hurricane of everyday living resides. I still have not figured out how to have my studio ready AND organized without spending money to get shelves or bins.

Ever since we painted the house Amelia constantly asks to "do paintings." While in Cheyenne yesterday I picked up some watercolors for her. At home I took off her pretty shirt and skirt and let her paint. Now that she knows how to take off her diaper within 10 minutes her diaper was off and she was painting in the buff. I think we may have an artsy little girl in the making. She sings, dances, paints, colors, plays the piano and such with constant gusto.

Thursday in the car she was talking to herself. I finally tuned in and realized she said, "Mommy I am the boss of Alison!" The next day she was convinced she was "my boss." I informed her I wore the bossy pants, she replied, "No, mommy I am your boss, you do what I SAY!" I immediately mimed the actions of taking off her pants and put those bossy pants back on me. She thought that was highly amusing.

Saturday Phillip, Amelia, and I went to Cheyenne for the day. I had a primary training meeting for this year's new primary theme. We drove with our new Primary President and Second Counselor. It was nice to have time to just talk and plan the upcoming year. The kids did really well considering the amount of time we sat waiting. After the meetings we hit Target and Hobby Lobby before heading home. Justin worked the whole day. He says work should return to normal by the beginning of February. It will be very nice to have some Justin time.