30 April 2009

Can Shots

Just in case you forgot what we looked like here are some close-ups of Amelia and I. Justin was gone at work so he is represented as lightening! Ha ha, we had an awesome thunderstorm last night. Justin urged me to experiment and I gladly complied. It was harder to catch lightening than you would think. Out of 50 frames only 3 caught some lightening. This was the first time I shot my camera in the bulb exposure. Can you tell I am desperate for Spring? Poor Amelia is sporting HUGE flowers until the weather turns better. By then I might actually like the trend and stick with the huge flowers. Aren't they happy? I think so!!

Justin and I are dog-dead tired lately. He caught my cold and I am just pregnant. Amelia is chipper as ever making it hard to chase after her. Usually she stays pretty close. Her new kitchen is certainly holding her interest, she spends about an hour per day playing with it. Grandma Diana and Grandpa Bruce sent her a giraffe purse in the mail today. More precisely it is a plush giraffe toy she can tote around in a cute pink purse. She clearly said, "Thanks you Grandma!" She toted the giraffe to the park and all around the yard this afternoon. She even gave it kisses...which we rarely get.

Yesterday Alison asked me (thank you by the way) to take pictures of Ella for her second birthday. She looked very cute in a GREEN dress. Check out my photo blog for pictures. Alison made the mistake of leaving a blank white shirt and cute skirt at my house for Ella. She brought it over to see if I had fabric to match. I did so could not help but applique a cute cupcake on the shirt. We took more pictures of Ella today at the park in her cute birthday outfit. So, so fun. I absolutely LOVE photography, my chances to photograph other kids now are sorta rare so any opportunity is fun.

I taught Natalie, a gal in my ward, how to crochet the cute double crochet cross hat I make. She caught on pretty quick...!!! We enjoyed an hour of gal chat and crochet. Thanks for the break.

Amelia now says, "good night, see you noon, bed begs bite" when I put her to sleep. Oh, that little girl fills our heart with joy.